Nigeria's Biggest blogger Linda Ikeji buys N24m Range Rover Sports!

Nigeria's Biggest blogger Linda Ikeji buys N24m Range Rover Sports!

linda ikeji range rover

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has just bought herself a 24million Naira Ranger Rover 2014 Sport! Linda posted the news on her blog and shared these pictures.She has also kept her previous two cars,a 2008 Toyota Camry and 2011 Infinity FX 35! 
Linda Ikeji and her 3 cars,Range Rover sports 2014,a 2008 Toyota Camry and 2011 Infinity FX 35!

But for me as much as i loved the news and would love to have this Range Rover sport myself,(in a different colour though,lol..)it was not the news of the car that impressed
me most.What impressed me most was the fact that Linda had been begging her dad for ages to let her buy the car.She was begging the man for permission! Can you imagine that?Here is a girl who is
probably 30 year or thereabouts,a millionaire in every currency,who had just built a house for her parents,yet she was begging her dad to give her permission to buy the car! 

That is the most impressive thing i have heard for a long time. A lot of people would have bought the Range Rover and gone to show the dad later proudly,nothing wrong with that either.It just amazed me that Linda Ikeji,Nigeria's biggest and most popular blogger,with all her success and money could be that humble..amazing.
This tells me Linda would make a good wife to someone one day.Not because she would be submissive,but cos of her humility.
The house Linda Ikeji built for her parents

The House Linda Ikeji built for her parents,the house took 6 months to complete!
The House Linda Ikeji built for her parents,the house took 6 months to complete!
I remember when she built a house for her parents,she said she wanted to buy the Range Rover Sport,but her father said she should get married first before she drives a car like that.
Well Linda's birthday is a few days away and she asked her dad again and i guess Mr Ikeji relented this time.
Good for both father and daughter.Linda says she felt guilty after buying the car,cos she thought 24miillion Naira could do a lot for so many lives,but then she though her own life was important too so she's allowed to have it.Absolutely,i agree too.

Plus Linda said she didn't make it overnight,she has been blogging everyday for 8 years!! She also revealed that she had many jobs she had tried previously,in her own words.."It's not easy trust me...if you think I had success overnight, you thought wrong. November this year will make it eight years that I've been blogging. Every single day! Before then I was a model, I was a model manager, I was an events planner, I was a columnist, I wrote a book, then I became a blogger. I put my hands in so many things because I was determined to make it in life. Finally one paid off - blogging".
Linda Ikeji Blog
Linda Ikeji has a new love..her 2014 Range Rover sports Supercharged .
Nigeria's most successful blogger Linda Ikeji also plans to start a project to help young girls achieve their goals.Linda said.."Finally, I will soon start my 'I Will Rather Be Self Made' campaign where I will mentor young girls and also help some of you start your own small scale businesses by financing look out for that. I will make an announcement on this soon".

Good luck to you Linda Ikeji,you deserve all your success and happy and careful driving on Lagos Roads! Smiles....

Linda Ikeji White Range Rover

Linda ikeji admiring her new range rover sportsinside Linda Ikeji's range rover sports car

 Linda Ikeji and her cars 

pic credit Linda Ikeji
queen of the Naija Blog
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