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The Four amazing i Phone Apps to boost your Blogging

So wwhat are the best apps for blogging?There we go again with the productivity word. Whether you’re a blogger, a social media expert, ...


Linda Ikeji's Blog is back Online as Google restores it!

Linda Ikeji's smile is back! Her Blog is back online! Linda Ikeji's Blog is back online and has been restored by Google .Looks l...


Google Gives reason for Taken down Linda Ikeji's Blog

Hard times for the ever smiling Linda Ikeji-She will be BACK! Google has given reasons why Linda Ikeji's blog was removed from its ...


Nigeria's Biggest blogger Linda Ikeji buys N24m Range Rover Sports!

Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji has just bought herself a 24million Naira Ranger Rover 2014 Sport! Linda posted the news on her blog and ...


Charly Boy reveals what really happened with Gov Okorocha at Funeral service

By now you must have known about all the drama that followed the  burial of Chief Justice Oputa,Charly Boy's father .There was  con...


Spot The Diffrence-Linda Ikeji & Kelly Rowland are sisters!

Linda Ikeji and Kelly Rowland are look alikes. "Spot the Difference".   Kelly Rowland  and  Linda Ikeji  are two lovely ladies...