Gov. Amosun cuts off his deputy as Deputy appeals in Open letter

Gov. Amosun cuts off his deputy as Deputy appeals in Open letter

Ibikunle Amosun and his deputy Segun
Adesegun are in a battle.
The letter Prince Adesegun ,deputy gov of Ogun state wrote to Governor Amosun.

Something is going on between Governor Amosun of Ogun state and his deputy governor,Prince Segun Adesegun.Adesegun in an open letter berated his boss,about how all his entitlements had not been met.He has no electricity in his official apartment,his car is broken down,vacation money withheld,allowances for two months
unpaid and on and on the list went.
The Punch newspaper laid their hands on the open letter and here are the contents.

“My governor, as I am writing to you, the feeding and out-of-pocket allowance of the deputy governor for the months of September and October 2014, as well as the monthly sundry expenses for the months of September and October 2014 are yet to be paid.”

Adesegun claimed during this year’s Eid-el-Kabir and Eid al-Fitr festivals, funds were released to   government functionaries except him and his aides.

He said, “Last year, in my letter to your good self on the affairs of the state, I concluded by reminding you that at a meeting held in February, 2011 at Alhaji Rafiu Ogunleye’s house, while you were the governorship candidate of the ACN, you called me aside and promised me that I will enjoy my tenure as your deputy but since then I have not felt the benefit.

“I write to say that rather than improving, the situation is worse.’’

Adesegun also alleged that seven months ago, electricity supply to his official residence was cut off “because the state government owed the then Power Holding Company of Nigeria.”

He said he had had to spend an average of N30,000 daily on diesel to provide electricity for his residence.

The deputy governor   wondered why his lodge was not initially connected to the state mini-power plant even “when it is on record that several government premises, including private residences and organisations enjoy power supply from the plant.’’

He said, “I informed you personally (and severally) during the State Executive Council meetings, requesting necessary action from the appropriate quarters. Up till now, I am still living in darkness.

“Of course, your Excellency knows that till date, I remain the deputy governor in Nigeria without a portfolio, in spite of entreaties made to you from various quarters. Worse, several attempts made by me for the office of the deputy governor were rebuffed by your good self. And I keep wondering why this is so.”

Adesegun also alleged that while the July 2014 monthly running costs of ministries, departments and agencies in Ogun State were duly paid, that of his office was withheld.

He added, “Another very relevant issue is my official car. The engine knocked in December last year. Your Excellency will recollect that you were formerly using the car and that it was when you rejected it that it was transferred to me. So, when it had problems, I thought you will appreciate and understand my plight, rather you ignored me.

“I had cause to remind you many times, but nothing was done. I resorted to using my personal car as back-up even when I was aware that you were giving vehicles, including Custom-made bulletproof vehicles to others. It was when a Good Samaritan bought a Tundra Truck for me that you deemed it fit to send a Toyota Prado XL V4 engine to me in late August.

“My convoy of old vehicles break down intermittently when travelling. On numerous occasions, we have had cause to stop while on a journey to effect repairs on vehicles . Obviously, these vehicles are to be changed every two years under best practices, even when newly bought. These vehicles in my convoy were used by the last administration and transferred to me.

“Your Excellency may also note that the fund you approved for my vacation with some members of my immediate family and two aides in August 2014 is yet to be paid. Please recall that I discussed the vacation with your good self in May, and you graciously conceded that I should forward a memorandum in June, only for it to be approved in August.

“Despite your approval, the fund was not released. I made several spirited efforts to no avail. It got to a stage that I was being bounced between you and the   Commissioner for Finance. I eventually proceeded on the leave without collecting a dime.

“I am therefore constrained to ask if the non-payment of these allowances is as a result of the state government not being able to meet her financial commitments. Or is the state financially bankrupt that it cannot meet its responsibilities.

Adesegun asked the governor to fear God and ended his letter with a   warning : Amosun’s second term bid may fail.

He said, “Your Excellency, while writing this letter, my thoughts  race to my university days in Ile-Ife, Osun State where I joined a group of bikers travelling around the country out of youthful exuberance.

“During this period, one of my pastimes was reading inscriptions on cars and buses to amuse myself. In 1978, I witnessed a   fatal accident   near a big tree at Alakia Junction in Ibadan on the way to Ile-Ife involving a white Peugeot 504 station wagon. Nearly everybody in the car died; shockingly there were several amulets   hung over the car that had the word “I shall not return” boldly inscribed on both sides. Unfortunately, it did not return. I   therefore   conclude that we all must fear God.”
The funny thing is,all these things the deputy complained about is what the citizens of the state are going through and worse.So you haven't got electricity?Well,welcome to the real world,Ogun state citizens go through this everyday,your car is broken down,allowances unpaid etc,nothing new to the deprived citizens.Even though it is obvious the governor has purposely cut off Deputy Adesegun,maybe it is good for this to happen to these people once in a while so they know what it is like for the ordinary man on the streets.

Ideally the Governor and his deputy should be the last to get paid in the state.The people should always come first,but sadly that's not the case.Have you heard the deputy write an open letter about the suffering of the people of Ogun state?Have you heard deputy Adesegun write an open letter about the citizens of Ogun state who have not been paid salaries?Who haven't had electricity for weeks?NO.
Welcome to the real world Deputy governor Adesegun,i feel no pity for you,as per Governor Ibikunle Amosun,his time will come too.What goes round comes round,what goes up must come down!

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