Surprise Surprise Oristsejafor is cleared of $9.3m Scandal

Surprise Surprise Oristsejafor is cleared of $9.3m Scandal

Praise the lord..Oritsejafor cleared of $9.3m arms scandal!
Hahahahaha..why i'm i not surprised at this?Nigeria is an amazing country.So a secret panel (chosen by whom by the way?) has found pastor Ayo Oritsejafor not guilty or part of the $9.3m scandal connected to a private jet belonging to can Oritsejafor be found responsible or guilty?When the same man supposedly being investigated is openly taking a pilgrimage to Israel with the President of
the country! Nigeria stinks,i swear! No transparency nothing.Nigeria is probably the most corrupt country in the world! Buhari is not perfect,but i really want that man to be elected so he can jail the assses of all these corrupt people.Let them come out an account for how they bought million dollar mansions all over the world.Disgusting people! I hope they all rot in hell for what they have put Nigeria through! Every single one of them.

Some of you might think this is extreme,but i will tell you why it is not extreme at all.When a man takes the money that was meant for hospitals,drugs,good roads,education for the people,decides to put it in his own pocket for his own good,he has robbed people of those things.So when a woman goes to a hospital and dies at child birth,simply because basic equipments were not available,or because there was no electricity for an emergency operation,that man who spent the money supposed for these projects is responsible for her death! 
When a man loses his life on the roads because the road was in a terrible condition,that man who took the money meant for the roads and chooses to buy a mansion in Dubai is responsible for the death! 
When a boy is unable to go to school because the government cannot provide a good education or employment for him and the boy resorts to armed robbery and kills hundreds,the corrupt government officials is responsible! And that is why i repeat,i HOPE THEY ALL ROT IN HELL!!!

 The secret panel raised by the Federal Government (that word secret makes me sick) reportedly cleared the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Ayo Oritsejafor, and Alhaji Mujahideen Asari-Dokubo of involvement in the $9.3 million arms’ deal.
 According to a statement by PRNigeria a media outfit close to security agencies,

“A special team, comprising security agents, intelligence experts and officials of the ministry of foreign affairs has investigated the $9.3 million cash-for-arms deal and submitted its report to the presidency.(continue)....

“The committee confirmed that the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, had no connection with the transaction.
“It was true that the CAN president’s jet was used but we found out that it was without his knowledge. As at the time in question, the aircraft was on lease. And you may be aware that the lease trend is peculiar to private jet owners in the country.
“It is the view of the committee that Oritsejafor cannot be held liable for any shuttle made by a lease firm.
“As for the manifest of the plane, the committee also discovered that the Niger Delta activist, Mujaheedin Asari-Dokubo, was not among those on board the transaction aircraft. There was no mention of Dokubo in the manifest presented during the investigation.”

One day the chicken will come home to roost.Like Fela sang,one day go be one day,those wey dey steal money for government,one day go be one day! 
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