See the list of Supporters who payed for Goodluck Joanthan's Nomination Form

See the list of Supporters who payed for Goodluck Joanthan's Nomination Form

Goodluck Joanthan thanks all his supporters for their goodwill and paying for his nomination form.
So after all the charade,President Goodluck Jonathan is finally admitting he will be contesting the election?Anyway that's no news.We all knew he was contesting,i just wish he had the balls to have said that ages ago,instead of side stepping what everybody always knew.
President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will tomorrow, Thursday, October 30 pick up the PDP nomination form for the 2015 Presidential elections.And wait for it,believe it or not,some people who call themselves supporters have actually donated
the money for Jonathan's PDP nomination form.Hmmmm...

President Jonathan thanks all Nigerians, members of the PDP, friends, associates, and all groups who in sincere appreciation of the achievements of the administration in the last four years, have been urging him to seek a second term in office.

President Jonathan is greatly encouraged by the overwhelming outpouring of goodwill and support, as well as the  confidence of the generality of Nigerians in his ability to continue to transform the country for the good of all of its  people.

The President is also grateful to all the persons, groups and communities who have sent donations, and made pledges to assist him to pay the required N22 million for the PDP Presidential Nomination Fee and Expression of Interest Form.

He acknowledges, and accepts with immense gratitude, the following donations and pledges that he has received from a broad section of Nigerians:
1. Mr. Kennedy Ikenna Odoeme – N5, 000

2. Mr Ezemagu Sunday Nnamdi – N10, 000

3. PDP Governors – N22 Million

4. Transformation Agenda of Nigeria (TAN) – N22m

5. Ogbia LGA Stakeholders, Bayelsa state – N5m

6. Otuoke Community Stakeholders – N2m

7. Brass LGA Stakeholders, Bayelsa state – N50, 000

8. Bayelsa State PDP Stakeholders- N5m

9. Northern Youths Forum – N2m

10. Central Market Traders Union, Kaduna State – N1m

11. PDP Stakeholders, Zaria LGA – N500, 000

12.PDP Stakeholders, Yobe State – N500, 000

13.PDP Stakeholders, Kaduna State- N2m

14. Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore – N5m

15. The Goodluck Support Group, Gombe State – N1m

16. Adamawa State PDP Stakeholders – N3m

17. Ebonyi State PDP Stakeholders- N2m

18.Kogi State PDP Stakeholders – N5m

19. Rivers State PDP Stakeholders – N5m

20. The 2015 Project – N1m

21.Team Goodluck, Ondo North Senatorial District – N5m

22. Middle Belt PDP Women Support Group for GEJ 2015 – N500, 000

23. King David Generation Foundation, Jos – N200, 000

24. Behwong Weneng Yere Duk, Jos – N200,000

25. Redemption 3 Youth Organization, Plateau State – N500, 000

26. Plateau State Indigenes Association, Abuja – N300,000

27. Gombe Youth United for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan 2015 – N500, 000

28. Gombe Youth Vanguard for PDP- N500, 000

29. Yamahu/Deba Goodluck Support Group – N200, 000

30. Coalition of Gombe Support Groups for Goodluck Ebele Jonathan – N2m

31. Hinna Youth Coalition for Goodluck – N500, 000

32. Nigerian Women Pray for Jonathan - N1m

33. National Association of Widows - N100, 000

34. National Council of Women Societies - N500, 000

35. Female members of the PDP Board of Trustees - N500,000

36. Joint Association of Persons with Disabilities - N100,000

37. National Association of Market Women - N500, 000

38. Community Awareness and Development Network – N1m

39.    Presidential View And Endorsement Platform -N200,000

40.     Association of South East Town Unions -        N300,000

41.      Goodluck Jonathan 2015 Online Group -        250,000

42.     The Light Network for Jonathan 2015, Lagos State – N300,000

43.      Igbo Speaking Community, Lagos State         - N200,000

44.  Oghareki Graduate Association for Jonathan, Delta State – N500,000

President Jonathan assures the donors that he will continue to do his utmost best at all times to fully justify the great confidence they have placed in his leadership.

Reuben Abati
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
October 29, 2014

I don't understand it though,are they trying to portray Prseident Jonathan as not being able to afford his nomination form? This is the funniest thing ever,all these people and organisations donating millions to the president for his nomination form,not campaign fund,but nomination form..meanwhile there are loads of causes in Nigeria that need funding,i don't see these people helping them out,but i guess they can't get contracts from those quarters can they?
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