Boko Haram in danger of taking over 3 States-Deputy Gov Borno State

Boko Haram in danger of taking over 3 States-Deputy Gov Borno State

Boko Haram in danger of taking over 3 States-Deputy Gov Borno State

I never thought i'd see the day when a small group of insurgents will cause so much havoc in Nigeria and threaten to take over some states! Is this the same Nigeria that went to other African counytries to fight wars,win and restore peace?
Now the Deputy Governor of Borno state, Zanna Mustapha, has said if care is not taken, his state, Adamawa and Yobe might soon be a thing of the past with the way
insurgents are gradually taking over the states.

“If the Federal Government will not add extra effort, in the next two to three months, the three North-Eastern states will no longer be in existence.

“The Federal Government has tried its best but their best is not enough because rather than going after the insurgents, it is the insurgents that are going after us. It is a big crime that the criminals are better equipped than the military and they are just few kilometres from the Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states capitals.”
Amazing,just amazing that this is really happening in Nigeria.It,s not as if its Egypt,Libya or South Africa attacking us,it's a stupid man and a bunch of illiterates for petes sake! Where are all our trained military men to take out this men and out wit them on the battle field? All the fundings meant for weapons and security in Nigeria has been embezzled and spent by ruling politicians! Unfortunately it is not them and their families who are bearing the brunt of all these attacks.Its the poor man and the ordinary man on the street.

The deputy governor said this in Adamawa while on visit to thousands of Borno indigenes that have been forced to leave their state and schools following Boko Haram attacks in Mubi.

He said the continuous occupation of more towns by Boko Haram had confirmed the Borno state governor’s statement that the terrorists possessed superior weapons.

He disclosed that 13 local governments in Borno, three in Adamawa and others in Yobe were currently under the control of Boko Haram. He said, going by intelligence reports, if the Federal Government did not step up its security measures the fall of the three states would only be a matter of days or weeks.

Mr. Mustapha also expressed his doubts on the purported ceasefire agreement between the Federal Government and the terrorists.

“We are yet to believe that there is a ceasefire because the first day after the announcement was made, over 30 people were killed in Borno State, and (the terrorists) continued with their rampage in Adamawa, Gombe and only this morning there was a bomb blast in Yobe,” he said.

“Let us appeal to the international community to come to our rescue otherwise in the next few months the three states may not exist,” he concluded.

Source: Premium Times
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