Man who walked from Lagos to Abuja tells about meeting with Armed Robbers

Man who walked from Lagos to Abuja tells about meeting with Armed Robbers

The man who walked from Lagos to Abuja to celebrate Buhari's victory at the elections has spoken about his experiences on the road.Speaking to newsmen upon his arrival in Abuja, Sulieman Hashimu said he had gone to get a police report at Ibadan to allow for an unimpeded journey, but that as he could not wait for the processes to be completed, the
divisional police officer (DPO) gave him his phone number.

According to Daily Post ,the journey man said when he first embarked on the journey, many persons discouraged him on the idea of walking from Lagos to Abuja, especially family members but he never gave up.

He told journalists that in Ilorin, people accompanied him for several miles until he stopped at Oloru, where he received much hospitality in Jebba. He said unlike other villages, he met people who had heard of him.

He further explained that about 20 people set off with him from Jebba and after some miles, 18 turned back, but the other two were more strong-minded and followed him on the walk to Abuja journey.

The Traveller narrated how they encountered armed robbers close to Mokwa, but that, fortunately, he had already met one of them in Jebba and the would-be armed robber ended up giving him N200 for ‘pure’ (sachet) water.

Hashimu said he continued his trip from Mokwa to Kudu, then from Kutigi to Bida, and then to Suleja, after which arrived in Abuja yesterday.

Upon his arrival in Abuja from Lagos on Monday, many residents were already waiting to receive him.When residents of FCT saw him, the chorus of Sai Buhari rented the air.

Unconfirmed report said a top politician had already paid for a room in Transcorp Hilton where he would lodge.

There have also been some cynical queries as you might expect,questioning whether it was possible for him to walk from Lagos to Abuja in 19 days.But Google and experts actually said it could be done in 5 and a half days,so it makes Suleiman's time even more credible.

Also the reason why some question it,is probably cos they don't have that self determination to embark on that journey,things like this happens in other parts of the world constantly.
Lets commend Suleiman Hashimu for embarking on the walk from Lagos to Abuja,till we have proof that he didn't complete the journey.
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