Did Gov Akpabio give Mc Galaxy 10m Naira Jeep out of his own Pocket?

Did Gov Akpabio give Mc Galaxy 10m Naira Jeep out of his own Pocket?

Gov Akpabio gives Mc Galaxy Prado Jeep.

That is the headline that accosted me.Well,i am sure Mc Galaxy was happy about this,but should a state governor be dishing out a 10m Naira jeep to a musician? A musician who makes enough money at that.That's the first question,the second is,are we to believe that Governor Akpabio dipped his hand into his own pocket and took out 10 m Naira for Mc Galaxy? 
Let's assume this is so,there is so much better and worthy things the Governor could have
done with that money,so many kids he could encourage.For example,imagine if they had the best Policeman,Nurse,office clerk,student in the state..gather them all and reward them with say 200,000 Naira each.This would have been more morale boosting and productive for the state than the governor hanging about with Pop stars!

I think our leaders are very irresponsible and this a very irresponsible behaviour from a governor.Once you attain certain positions,you have to act in a proper way.

MC Galaxy had a popular hit with 'Sekem' .On May 16th at the Akwa Ibom state government House,Mc Galaxy received a brand new 2015 Prado from Gov Godswill Akpabio. MC Galaxy is from Akwa Ibom state and the governor had pledged the car to him during his album launch on May 2nd. 
I really hope Buhari curbs these guys,but what happens after Buhari leaves office? The madness continues.
See more pictures below of Governor Akpabio presenting the Prado Jeep to Mc Galaxy.

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