Why is Sikh man who removed his Turban to save a child hailed a Hero?

Why is Sikh man who removed his Turban to save a child hailed a Hero?

The child and the Sikh man who saved his life by removing his turban.
Sikh man hailed a hero for removing Turban to save boys life!
Sometimes i really wonder what kind of world we live in.A sikh man is being hailed a hero for removing his turban to save the life of a child hit by a car! WHY??? isn't that crazy? Apparently he is a hero because the Sikh protocol is strict on a turban not being removed except in the privacy of your house and  in the most intimate of circumstances, when bathing the head, or washing the hair. So washing your hair is more important than saving a
child's life?What is the point of any religion if you can't show compassion ?Especially to a little child? What the Sikh man did in my opinion is no big deal,he did what any normal compassionate human being should do! If any religion forbids you to save a child's life,well,i will get in trouble if i said what's on my mind!

New Zealand student Harman Singh, 22, broke strict religious protocol by taking off his turban to help save the life of a child hit by a car. He has been heralded as a hero. Singh removed his turban to help cradle the bleeding head of a five-year-old boy who had been hit by a car on his way to school.

Mr Singh heard the accident take place outside his home, before running outside to investigate. He broke strict Sikh protocol by removing his turban. Turbans become a part of a Sikh's body and are usually removed only in the privacy of their own house. 

Since the incident occurred, Mr Singh has received thousands of messages and comments on his Facebook page. 'Thousands of people have said "well done". I was only doing what I had to and trying to be a decent member of the community,' he said.

For me,Mr Singh is a hero,not for taking off his Turban,but simply for saving a child's life.It's time we became realists and humans instead of letting protocol and religion turn us all into something else!

Source: UK Daily Mail
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