Should Emmanuel Adebayor have disgraced his Family Publicly? Pros and Cons

Should Emmanuel Adebayor have disgraced his Family Publicly? Pros and Cons

Emmanuel Adebayor and family
It is true what they say that sometimes money is not everything.Anyone watching Emmanuel Adebayor from afar ,will think this man has everything and lives the perfect life.But alas ,not all that glitters is gold.The footballer is hurting really bad and personally i think he needs therapy.He has been revealing more family secrets on social media.Personally i think he will regret this one day.He would have been better off revealing this in therapy or maybe in a family meeting.But the man has reached a boiling point and just had to explode!  I don't know if their family can ever be as one after all these public revelation now.Sadly the Adebayor family sees him as a cash cow, a cash machine and they just wanna take and take until they crash the treasury.

Personally i feel very sad about the revelation of his brother.The boy clearly needs help,and from what i have read previously and again today(see below)i will not be surprised if that boy ends up in jail or dead some day! Some of the things Emmanuel Adebayor said Rotimi his brother has done is just astounding! This is a boy who has been spoilt beyond measures by the family and Adebayor's mum.When he does stuff,she brushes it off and says he's the last born.
It is that common last born syndrome in Africa.They spoil them rotten.I have a dear friend who is currently going through the same thing with his family.

Adebayor's brother Rotimi,clearly wants to do nothing.He steals constantly,he as stolen so much
from his brother.Stolen his treasured memorabilia's and sold them for peanuts.He even sold a neck lace Adebayor got for their mum worth 45,000 Euros for 800 Euros.The boy got a trial at a French club through Adebayor's connection and stole all their phones! Unbelievable! Sounds like those African movies doesn't it? But the funniest part for me was when the boy went to play football in Dubai and came back four days later cos he said Dubai was too strict,he could't kiss girls publicly,and party.Can you believe this boy? So when i say this boy's future looks bleak,i ain't joking.

Now was Adebayor right to wash the family's dirty lined in public? No.I don't think so,i would not have done that personally.I would rather cut them off than wash all these publicly.Adebayor is hurting cos plus all he has done for the family,they are not satisfied and want more.It's really sad.

Now Adebayor has released another story which you definitely have to read,its right below this post.But what really worries me is the next episode he promises.It's about his dad,The head of the family,Lion of Judah as he calls family is something else) Should Adebayor reveal all about his father? Once again i don't think so,and i hope somebody stops him and he does not go through with it.
Now for the juicy bit,read Emmanuel Adebayor's latest revelation about his family,especially his thieving brother Rotimi below.

Here is another part of the story I have kept inside since. Today I feel the constant need to let it out. If I share my stories, it is because I believe every story comes with a lesson. And the lesson is for anyone that is reading this. This is about a brother who keeps saying today that I am not a good support for our family. His name is Rotimi Adebayor. At the age of 13, he did something very bad. He and I know what he did. Because of that our parents had to send him to a village far from the big city.

When I started to be successful in football and I went to Togo for vacation; at that time one of my mother’s friend came from the village to visit us.
As she explained how Rotimi was suffering in the village, I immediately asked them to bring him back into the city.
As soon as he came back, I made sure I put him in school.
 For me that is normal. In 2002, I went to play the AFCON in Mali and I had the huge privilege to swap my shirt with Marc-Vivien Foé. May his soul rest in peace. When I got back to Togo, I put that shirt in a secure place. My brother found a way to steal that shirt and sold it. When I moved from Metz to Monaco, we reached an advanced stage in the Champions League and we played against Real Madrid. It was one of most beautiful day of my life because I was lucky enough to get a signed shirt from the football legend
Zinedine Zidane. As I brought that shirt back to Togo, my brother still found a way to steal that shirt and sold it. When I was in Metz, I was earning about €15,000 a month. I wanted to get something unique for my mom to thank her for all she did for me. I wanted to make her happy.

So I decided to take an amount worth 3 months of my wages and I bought her a Cartier neckless for about €45,000. Rotimi and his friends Akim(@Yam Freedom) and Tao (@Sao Tao Oyawole) made a plan and stole that precious neckless. They sold it for about €800. When my mom and I found out, my mother asked me not to bother because he is the younger brother. Despite the situation, I would like to take this same occasion to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day! .And the lesson is for anyone that is reading this.

In my house, I have a storage room where I keep some of my belongings when I travel back to Europe. I am the only one with that key but my brother managed to get a master key that was able to open every single door in the house. He frequently stole drinks and other items from that room

After all this we kept saying “blood is thicker than water” and we moved on. Therefore, I decided to take him where I started my football in France. I brought him to a great football academy in France. You already know how this story ended. He stole cellphones from many of his teammates and they sacked him from the football academy. By the way, after I published the first story about him, he called me to say that he did not steal exactly 21 phones. He claimed that the number was lower than that. Still...Is that acceptable? He also added that I should be happy that he stole drinks and other items from my storage room. I asked him why and he replied: "Because I am your brother".

Jacques Songo’o who is now a retired Cameroonian footballer also had his son in the academy and he was a good friend of Rotimi. Let me add that he was part of my development as a footballer and he always gave me good advices. I was in Togo on my days off when Songo’ocalled me; he sounded very angry. He explained to me how my brother stole his son’s PSP. When I asked my brother why he did that, he argued that he forgot it in his bag. How can you forget someone else’s device in your bag and travel with it from France to Togo? Since that day, my relationship with Songo'o changed and he has become pretty distant with me and my family.

I was still in Monaco when I decided to collect all football boots from my teammates so I could give them to people in Africa. I had a huge bag full of shoes. I brought that bag to Togo. A few days after when I decided to give the boots out to the people in 
need, I noticed the bag full of boots disappeared. Later on, I found out that my brother was the one who stole the bag and went to sell the shoes in Hedzranawoé (famous public market in Togo).

One day, my mom called me early in the morning when I was still in bed. She told me that Rotimi has gotten a Visa to go to Dubai so he can play football out there. He had to leave that day with his friend Kodjovi (@Denilson de Souza) who was in the same situation. It was either they went that day or the Visa would be suspended. I asked one of my guys at the time (@Agui Mozino) to go find tickets for my brother and his friend.
We could not find any economy class ticket on that day so I had to get them both first class tickets. After all, it was an opportunity for him to make his own career in Dubai. Only 4days later, Rotimi went back home. He explained how the lifestyle in Dubai was not made for him. He said he wasn’t free to do what he wanted to do because it is a strictly Muslim place. He couldn't drink, party as much as he wanted or kiss girls in public.
The part 3 is coming out soon and it will be about the man that calls himself the father of the family @Kola Adebayor A.K.A Lion of Judah.
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