Would you buy your daughter an expensive Designer bag at age 13?

Would you buy your daughter an expensive Designer bag at age 13?

spoilt rich kid

Parents,will you buy your daughter an expensive designer bag to use at age 13 or any expensive designer accessory? Is it a case of too much too soon,or are you of the opinion that if i can afford it,i will get it for my kid and damn the consequences?Another way to look at it is,i never had this as a child and i work hard so my kids can have it.

My thoughts are,kids can have too much too soon.I remember when my daughter was 13,she wanted an I phone 6 and i totally put my foot down! I said if you get an I phone 6 now,what are you gonna get when you are 18? And when you turn 21? She reluctantly saw my point.I think too much too soon is especially dangerous for girls,cos they grow up thinking money is everything.I think when a girl gets too much too soon,they might end up wanting to be with guys who can by them these things.What's wrong with that?  I hear some of you say..lol...But surely there is a lot wrong with that isn't it? A child has to know the value of money,it sets them in good stead.This is what popular public personality Toke Makinwa thought about the subject..in a series of tweets below...after the cut

Is it wrong to buy a teenage child expensive accessories?

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