How Missing John Noakes of Blue Peter was found by helicopter!

How Missing John Noakes of Blue Peter was found by helicopter!

John Noakes former Blue Peter presenter has been found, after going missing from his home in Majorca.
Police in Andratx had been searching for Noakes, who has Alzheimer's disease, after they
were alerted by the 81-year-old's wife Vicky at about 09:00 local time.
Police in Majorca told the BBC John Noakes was spotted by a helicopter at around 18:45 local time close to his home
Noakes is now in hospital and his wife is with him.
An update on the town's Facebook page said that Noakes had been taken to hospital and was in a stable condition.
His wife said search parties had looked in the area where he was eventually discovered earlier in the day but failed to spot him because he was "in the bottom of a storm drain and had fallen in amongst long grass there".There had been great worry for the children's tv favourite as headlines of John Noakes Missing sent shckwaves!
"I would like to say that the emergency services have been really excellent and pulled out all the stops, and they were greatly helped by our friends and local people," Noakes wife said.
An Andratx police officer said Noakes was "found to have a weak heartbeat" and was dehydrated.
John Noakes as he looks today 2015.

John Noakes presented the BBC children's show for 12 years from 1966 to 1978.
Police and civil guard had been searching for him in the village. They said his wife was worried "because of his state of health and the heat, which is around 35C (95F) today."

John Noakes (right) and his dog Shep are pictured here in 1972 with fellow presenters (from left) Peter Purves, Lesley Judd and Valerie Singleton

Noakes moved to Majorca with his wife after a round-the-world yacht trip was cut short when their boat was badly damaged by a giant wave off the coast of North Africa.

They had embarked on the trip after Noakes quit Blue Peter in 1978, and Go With Noakes 18 months later.
Noakes, who trained as an aircraft engine fitter before training as an actor, was 31 when he made his first appearance on BBC One's Blue Peter.
He became a firm favourite with fans for his friendship with his border collie Shep and became the show's longest-running presenter.
John Noakes in a 1975 Blue Peter appearance.
Famous for his on-air efforts to calm down his lively dog, John Noakes was often heard saying "Get down Shep!" which prompted the Barron Knights' 1978 song of the same name.Good to see this is a story with a happy ending,just like Blue Peter always was.
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