Nigerian celebrity Houses to Blow your Mind!

Nigerian celebrity Houses to Blow your Mind!

mercy aigbe house pictures

Nigerian celebrity Houses and mansions.
We all know Nigerians like to live large,so it's no surprise that our celebrities sometimes go over the top and display what they haven't got.Its society pressure.But hey it happens everywhere in the world.I remember rapper Ja Rule renting a mansion and passing it off as his on MTV Cribs,lol.
But still,we have managed to put together some Naija celebrity Homes that just look out of this world!
I was gonna name this post,the top 10 Nigerian celebrity houses or top 10 Naija celebrity homes.But i just could not decide between four amazing houses.So i decided to put together a list of some amazing Nigerian celebrity houses ,but in no particular order.
I tried so hard to get a picture of Sir Shina Peter's house,cos back in the day it was something to behold,but so far,i have not been able to locate a picture.Anyway,we have enough Naija celebrity homes here to keep us here goes..enjoy...

Houses in NAIJA kwam 1 house
KAWM 1 mansion.

No 1-Kwam 1 Mansion Ijebu Ode.

kwam1 house in ijebu pictures

wasiu ayinde house in ijebu photos

king wasiu house mansion

wasiu ayinde house pictures

The house above which belongs to Fuji music exponent,King Wasiu Ayinde,KWAM 1 is truly a sight to behold! I remember the first time i saw this mansion,i was just left with my mouth open! A paradise indeed.I can see myself chilling here,can't you? Don't even wanna imagine how much this house cost.Lets just leave that and enjoy the beautiful images.

No 2-Tunde and Wunmi Obe Mansion.Funnily,these couple also go by the Two acronym.Tunde and Wunmi Obe are veterans in the Nigerian entertainment industry.They are also a husband and wife team.Their Mansion is rumoured to have cost something like 3-400million Naira! It is built on 2 plots of land in Lagos,has a recording studio,a sauna,bar,gym,basketball court,swimming it,this mansion has it.Another amazing Nigerian celebrity home.

Tunde and Wunmi Obe house.
Nigeria celebrity houses-Tunde and Wunmi Obe home.

E money Emeka celebrity mansion
Kcee and his brother E Money.

No 3-The Kcee and E Money 5 star music mansion! This house belongs to Kcee's brother.He is the owner of 5 star music and fondly referred to as E Money,i think his name is Emeka.The E money 5 star mansion is something else,cars are littered all over the grounds of the property.Gold plated fittings everywhere.The dining room is fit for a king.The interior? Well you have to see it to believe! This is one truly magnificent Naija celebrity home.More pictures below.

kcee house and cars
Nigerian celebrity houses-Kcee at 5 star mansion with his G Wagon.

e money mansion
Nigerian celebrity houses-Kcee outside 5 star mansion.

e money house and cars
Nigerian celebrity houses-The E money 5 star mansion littered with cars.

Check out where davido lives
Don't try to stop this guy..Davido.
No 4-Davido house in Lekki
Davido Omo Baba Olowo has been spending the millions he acquired in his musical career so far wisely.Davido treated himself to this beautiful house in Lekki.It is rumoured to have cost him 140 million.Did daddy help out? Who knows and who cares?

davido house in Lekki
Nigerian celebrity houses-Davido Lekki home.

p square the okoye brothers
P Square the Okoye boys.
No 5-P Square Square 
peter okoye house

p square house and cars

peter okoye house picture

paul okoye house picture

peter okoye mansion

image result pter okoye house

P Square are probably the No 1 most successful Nigerian act.They sell millions all over Africa and pack out stadiums on the continent.They have also been in the game for over 10 years so the money keep coming in.

The man behind the music-Don JAZZY.

No 6-Don Jazzy House in Lekki.You won't hear much from Don Jazzy.He is the quiet and shy man of Nigerian music.But don't be fooled.Don J Baba is very boxed up and fully loaded! Check out his Lekki home below.It is reported to have set him back 160 million Naira!
don jazzy house pictures

don jazzy house picture in banana island

No 7-Timaya House-The Port Harcourt warrior has been raking in the dough for years! All the oil money in the Niger seems to have found its way into Timaya's pocket.He showcased this house earlier this year.A big Nigerian celebrity house indeed! Love it!
timaya lekki house

timaya house pictures lekki

timaya house images

timaya house photos

image result timaya house

inside timaya house

No 7-Ini Edo house in lekki.Ini Edo the Nollywood favourite had a house warming party for this magnificent house earlier this year.The kitchen is my favourite in the house.It is huge! Ini Edo must take her food very seriously.The house is said to have set her back between 120-140 million! Where do these guys get all this millions from? Entertainment pays i guess! More ini Edo pictures below..

celebrity ini edo kitchen ad house
Ini Edo in her kitchen.

Ini Edo house in Lekki
Nigerian celebrity houses-Ini Edo house in Lekki.

Ini Edo living room

No 8-Wizkid House Lekki.
Another young man who ahs been raking in the cash for years! Wizkid sells out shows all over the world.I have been in clubs in Europe that are not even African clubs with Wizkid blaring out on the speakers! Wizkid has a Porshe and a Bentley,so he likes the finer things in life.Not any surprise then that he has this beautiful celebrity home equipped with a pool.
wizkid house lekki
Wizkid Lekki.

wizkid house lekki pictures

Nigeria celebrity houses-Wizkid chilling in his bedroom.

No 9-Daniella Okeke house.I am not quite sure about the story behind the Daniella Okeke house.Did she buy a house among a block of flats or does the whole building belong to her? I don't know.But i am giving her the benefit of the doubt and going along.Nice house though still..

Daniella Okeke announces her house.

daniella okeke LIVES IN THIS HOUSE
Daniella Okeke House.

No 10-Dr Sid House.

It's hard not to like Dr sid,seems like a happy unassuming happy go lucky guy.Was really pleased for him when he announced the acquisition of his house.He got it on mortgage and says he pays a million Naira some months towards the final payment.This is my last of my Nigerian celebrity houses on the list.If i come across any Naija celebrity homes worthy,i will update and add..hope you enjoyed.

dr sid house pictures

Since this compilation,Linda Ikeji has joined the list with arguably the most expensive house by any celebrity in Nigeria.Linda's Lekki mansion in Banana Island cost a cool N500 million Naira.The house is a house to behold with many bedrooms,Jacuzzi,her own private gym and swimming pool..Check out Linda Ikeji house below...

Image result for linda ikeji house

Image result for linda ikeji house

linda ikeji house banana island

Image result for linda ikeji mansion

linda ikeji house pictures banana island

mercy aigbe house photo

iyabo ojo house pictures

nigeria celebrity house mansions pictures

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