Joe El says I don't sound like 2Face intentionally!

Joe El says I don't sound like 2Face intentionally!


Joel and 2Face are a name that has been bandied around a lot for the likeness between the two.
If you have heard a song by Joe El or heard him sing,you can't dispute the remarkable fact that he sounds like 2Baba.To make the whole thing even more remarkable,he even looks like him! But now,Joe El signed to Kennys Music who happened be the label who shot Mr IDIBIA to the limelight has come out to say he does not sound like 2Baba intentionally and was not signed to replace him..

He also described Tuface who would be forty next month, as a demi-god who is humble to a
fault. His words to Saturday Beats after the cut;

“Yes I am fully aware that people say I sound and look like Tuface but it is not intentional. I believe that my voice and songs are unique. I don’t know why people compare us. In this world we are in, everyone has a look alike and my case is not different. I am not the first person in the world that would look or sound like someone else. If I intentionally sound like Tuface, I would have come out with a song to brag that I am better than Tuface and that I am the best,” he said.

About sounding like Tuface, Joe El said;

“I have always looked and sounded the way I do ever since I was in the church choir, even before I became a fan of Tuface. There is no competition between me and Tuface. When people talk about it, I just turn deaf ears and stay focused with my music because if I listen to them, I would derail. When I got signed to Kennis Music I got a lot of confrontation.

“Many people told me that Kennis Music signed me on board because they wanted to use me to replace Tuface. Because I went to Kennis Music to achieve my dream, I did not listen to them. I don’t allow what people say get to me because they would always talk. Tuface is a demi-god; he is my idol and big brother. He is a very humble person. Despite the fact that people say I am trying to replace him, he still came down to our studio to record a song with me. He even told us that he heard all what people say but it did not deter him from coming to the studio to sing with me. Very few legends like Tuface can do that instead they would avoid me because of what people say about me,” he said.

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