Rukky Sanda plans to shoot Yoruba Movie with Ramsey Noah.

Rukky Sanda plans to shoot Yoruba Movie with Ramsey Noah.

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I didn't know Rukky Sanda was from Yoruba origin.I thought she was somehwere from the Niger Delta or closeby.Rukayat Adesanya popularly known as Rukky Sanda explains in a new interview with Vanguard why she has not produced a Yoruba Movie despite already producing sixteen English movies. According to Rukky Sanda, she will soon produce one, because she has started making plans to know if investing in Yoruba movies will be profitable or not.Rukky said something strange,maybe you guys can understand it cos i don't and to be frank i think its a silly statement.She said although i speak Yoruba,but not all the time.What kind of statement is that?
Frankly this is the first time i have read an interview of Rukky Sanda,and they do say you never get a second chance to make a first impression,i'm afraid, that statement she made
just makes me see her as an unreal person.You were born and bred in Yoruba land,you even live there,so what's with the i don't speak Yoruba all the time? I can understand if she says she does not speak the language at all,it's possible. But saying what she did,is she saying those who do can't speak another language or they speak Yoruba at work and their places of study? I hope this was a slip of tongue on her part or something,cos its a ridiculous thing to say! Enjoy out takes from the interview.

Most people do not know your real name is Rukayat Akinsanya. How did you come about
the stage name Rukky Sanda?

Sanda is my last name and given that one has to have a stage name, I just brought in Rukky, which people have always called me. That was how I came up with the name. 

You have produced seventeen movies, when will you produce a Yoruba movie?

I have it in mind; because I am an executive producer, I really need to be sure I’m going to get my money back. I do not really know how their market works, and I have actually spoken to the platform I sell my own movies to, on how much they buy Yoruba movies plus some other information. So if I get the proper network, I will do it. I actually have a script I’m supposed to do with Ramsey Noah. However, it’s not a full Yoruba film, but it’s a Yoruba setting. I really don’t know how I’m going to do the full one yet because although, I speak Yoruba, it’s not all the time. Yoruba films are amazing, so I’m going to do it when the time comes; my mum actually also wants me to do it.

Normally, when a Yoruba lady delves into the movie industry, she starts from the Yoruba sector before she crosses over, how come your case is peculiar?

At the time when I started acting in 2004, I was in Lagos State University and school was on strike. I was very idle then, even though I did business at the time. So I met my sister’s friend who worked with movie makers then. She took me for an audition where I got a role to play, and at the end of the audition, I decided I was never going to do it again because we had to do it all through the night. From that point, I stopped doing movies up until 2006 when I graduated.

Rukky Sanda is known to be born with a silver spoon. With several self-produced movies to her credit,many would believe that she has the backing of rich family members .However, she says in a chat with Vanguard
 ‘Before I got into Nollywood, I was already doing business.I used to sell stuff, so I had my money to put into it, and my mum supported me with a loan. She collected her money back though, so there was no sentiment attached. I won’t say it was easy starting out because I spent about N3m in making my first movie, and that was quite a lot in 2005. I don’t actually get Executive Producers for my movies; I do that myself. Not like I don’t believe in going all out to source for funds, but it’s just not my thing. I had someone once who wanted to sponsor my movie, and we did that. But before the movie came out, they were already on my neck asking for their money. I had to return it to them after we finished filming; we had not even finished editing then. I told them I’ll give them their money back, but that they wouldn’t get any credit on the movie. Ever since, I only produce movies if it’s convenient for me.’

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