2 Nigerian men with Cocaine factory in their house arrested in Thailand.

2 Nigerian men with Cocaine factory in their house arrested in Thailand.

Nigerian drug dealers in Thailand
Will these people ever learn?What do these countries have to do to stop some Nigerians dealing in drugs over there? They have tried life sentences,death penalties,yet some Nigerians did not stop taking this crazy risk of delving into this drugs business.Sad thing is most of them don't even get paid well,you hear stories of being paid 1 million or 2 million Naira.Is that why you must risk your life?
The latest villains caught are two Nigerian men identified as Joseph Uyamadu, 43, and
Emanuel Umiano 33, who were on Monday September 7th arrested by Thailand security officials for allegedly producing cocaine at their rented house in a rubber plantation in Ban Khai district of Rayong province. Arrested along with them was their Peruvian accomplice.

A search carried out by the police revealed a large portion of cocaine thrown into a flush tank, a bag containing black and sticky substance similar to raw opium, black sheets of substance, corrosive acid, electric grinder, a microwave oven, kerosene, and two cars.

Some of the drug making equipment found in the house were 2 Nigerian men were arrested in Thailand for cocaine production.

The narcotics police officers say test will be carried out on all the substances found in their apartment but it is believed that they are all the raw materials used by the drug syndicates to produce cocaine. They are currently being detained at Ban Khai police station and will be charged to court soon. 
image of Nigerian drug dealers in thailand

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