Virginia woman has s.ex with unconscious boyfriend in supermarket car park!

Virginia woman has s.ex with unconscious boyfriend in supermarket car park!

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You think you have heard it all then something crazy like this comes up! Can you imagine this crazy news?A woman having s.ex with unconscious boyfriend in supermarket car park! I am just dumbfounded.Another thing that caught my eye was the headline,unconscious boyfriend.How can he be unconscious and have s.ex? He must be a superman,i am sure a lot
of men out there are dying for his super

The woman was caught having s.ex with her boyfriend in broad daylight while he was passed out in a supermarket car park.Kimberly Jackson allegedly told officers:
"I was in the mood" after shocked passers-by spotted her on top of partner Earl Palmer in the car park in Norfolk, Virginia.
So she was in the mood? Hmmm..Imagine if we all dropped our shoppings and had sex in a public supermarket car park when we were in the mood?Some people are just crazy,looking at Kimberly Jackson,she does not look all there to me in that mug shot,she must be on something.I mean,what normal person has sex in a supermarket car park with her boyfriend simply cos she was in the mood?
Officers found Palmer unconscious and intoxicated. He was taken to the nearby Sentara Leigh Hospital.Jackson was arrested and charged for being drunk in public. 
I think its more that drink,she had much more in her system.
Other charges could be pending and the 36-year-old local woman,Kimberly Jackson was later released on bond.

Norfolk Virginia couple who had sex in supermarket car park.

Kimberly Jackson told WTKR that it was the "booze" that made them have s3x in a the public supermarket car park.She said:
"I was in the mood, that's basically what happened."

Asked if she thought they would never get caught, she said:

 "The alcohol made me think I wouldn't. I'm not into  public s3x or anything like that."
Palmer said he was just passed out from drinking, and added:

 "I'm here trying to clear her name and let them know I consented to that, I just didn't finish the job as you could say."
WTKR asked why they decided to have s.ex in a pubic supermarket car park
the boyfriend said:

"Everyone wants to do something spontaneous. I'm not being disrespectful to you. Have you ever done anything spontaneous?"
Culled from UK Mirror
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