Serena and Drake relationship to blame for her defeat?

Serena and Drake relationship to blame for her defeat?

Serena williams and Drake relationship

This might sound crazy,but i saw this coming,i knew the moment Serena Williams loses a match,people will be quick to jump on it and says the Drake and Serena relationship was responsible! But surely that is a crazy thing to even suggest isn't it? Serena and Drake are not babies,they are both adults who are professionals and know very well that their respective careers demands dedication and professionalism.
But now Drake has become the scapegoat and he is under fire after she lost her U.S. Open semi final match today despite showing his support from the stands.

33-year-old tennis star was defeated in her match against Italian tennis player Roberta Vinci, thereby losing her bid to become the fourth female player in history to hold all four Grand Slam singles titles in one calendar year.
Coincidentally ,Drake's hit "Hold On We're Going Home" began playing during Williams' match, causing the crowd to erupt into cheers. 
The internet is blaming him for distracting the 21 grand slam titleholder and he is being tagged her "bad luck charm".

But even though i said earlier Drake and Serena are professionals,they are also human as well.I can see how all the circus surrounding them might have a little effect on Serena.Take for example,playing Drake's song, "Hold On We're Going Home" was totally irresponsible and whoever was responsible for that should be suspended! That was very unprofessional on his or her path.And that must have had an effect on Serena,not necessarily bad,but its a distraction.Anyway.would be interesting to see how they handle this new spotlight.It will also interesting to see if the rapper goes to future matches,since he is now perceived a distraction.Below is reactions of the and the effect the fans think it had on Serena yesterday.

Drake at the US open match to support Serena Williams.

Serena and Drake relationship to blame for Serena Williams defeat at US open

social media blame Serena and Drake relationship for Serena Williams defeat

Serena and Drake relationship

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