Helen Mukoro,can she do an Obama and become President of Spain?

Helen Mukoro,can she do an Obama and become President of Spain?

Helen Mukoro the Nigerian woman running for spain's president.

Helen Mukoro is the Nigerian Spanish who woman  wants to write her name in the record books by becoming the Spanish President..Not only is Helen Mukoro a black woman,she is an African and she was not born in Spain either,so for her to be contesting in the Spanish election in the presidential election take lots of balls! Ermmm...can i say that? Especially since Helen Mukoro is a woman? Yes i can!
Stranger things have happened in the world of politics.Who would have dreamt that in America,so soon after the Iraq war will a black man of African descent as a President with a

Muslim name? Even if you had seen that in a movie,you would have called the plot a joke! But it happned.So can Helen Mukoro do that in Spain? Can Helen Mukoro do an Obama and become the first black President of Spain?

More about the Spanish Presidential aspirant Helen Mukoro, a Nigerian-Spanish Lawyer is running for 2015 Presidential election in Spain, which will be held on December 20, 2015. Mukoro hails from Delta state and worked briefly in Delta State Governor’s office before she left Nigeria to Spain in 1992.

According to African Leadership, Helen Mukoro gained prominence in Spanish politics, when she founded a political party and later became the first Nigerian-Spanish to contest for the Mayor of Denia in May this year. Although Helen lost the election, her popularity soared higher as several people endorsed her for the highest office in the land.

Helen Mukoro will be running on the platform of Union De Todos, a party she founder earlier this year. Helen holds several academic qualifications. Aside graduating in Law at the Spanish National University Alicante, she also holds a Master degree in Criminology, Masters degree in Social Education, a post graduate certificate in Tax and Labor Management, a post graduate certificate in Forensic Psychology, and a post graduate certificate in Immigration and Domestic Violence. So you definitely cannot say she has not got the education or intellect to run for this office.But this is politics and this is Spain.Spain is still rife with racism.We all see what happens to footballer over there and how they get abused in all form of racial tones.So now imagine a black woman being the No 1 citizen in the country.It's a good dream and Helen Mukoro deserves kudos for her balls,but it just is not gonna happen.But its not all doom and gloom,because if Helen can inspire some little girls,black or white in Spain with this bold move of heers,it would not have been for nothing.

The Spanish presidential election holds on 20th December 2015.It will be a historical day on its own with the fact that we have a black African woman competing for the highest office in the land.But sadly,this is a step too far for Helen Mukoro,but we hope it will be a step that leads her into the higher corridors of the political world.Afterall,you don't have to be a president to make an impact.
Helen Mukoro is making big ones way before the election commences....

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