Naseem Hamed ex boxing champ puts on serious weight!

Naseem Hamed ex boxing champ puts on serious weight!

He looks seriously overweight.
Oh my God! What the hell has former world boxing champion Naseem Hamed today been eating?His weight gain is alarming! This man was once the world boxing champion! Did he store all the pies from his boxing days and ate them all in one day?
Former boxer, Prince has gained massive weight since he retired several years ago, precisely, 13 years ago when he was only 28 years old. He was seen while shopping with his wife of 20 years Eleasha in  Knightsbridge.
Naseem's wife must think she lost her husband somewhere,but then again maybe she is to blame,may

be she has some incredible dishes that Naseem Hamed can't resist!

Hamed became Britain's youngest world champion in 1995, beating Steven Robinson to win the WBO featherweight title aged just 21.

Overweight champ seen shopping with wife.
He went on to win 36 of his 37 career bouts before retiring in 2002, citing chronic problems with his hands as the reason behind his decision.Anyone who remembers the young arrogant,fir and healthy boxer,could never imagine Naseem Hamed could become so over weight!

In 2006, he was involved in a high speed accident where he left his victim massively injured, he was given a four-year driving ban and sentenced to 15 months in prison but was released on 4 September 2006 after just 16 weeks.

I just cannot get over these pictures,Naseem Hamed looks huge,that is too much weight he has put on.He seriously needs to think of the health impacts.And he should know.A man of his height should not be that over weight,its too much.It is quite common for some sports men like Naseem Hamed to put on weight when they retire.They live such a disciplined life trying to get to the top and stay there.They have to watch waht they eat and be healthy and lead a very rigorous healthy plan lifestyle,that as soon as they retire,they feel free,rebel and try to make up for all those sacrifices.But in this case,Naseem Hamed surely got carried away,that is too much weigh he put on...Damn!

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