Yoruba Actor Muyiwa Ademola Authentic biography,wife,family life and Movies

Yoruba Actor Muyiwa Ademola Authentic biography,wife,family life and Movies

Muyiwa Ademola biography,first wife,children

Muyiwa Ademola biograohy:Welcome to an extensive look at the life,movies,wife and family of a young Yoruba movies icon in the making.
He was not an actor i was crazy about initially.I didn't like his acting as i was not convinced by him.What made it even worse for me ,was the fact that all the ladies were crazy about him.And i just could not understand it.Another thing i did not like was that Authentic name ,i thought you're not even a great actor yet and you are calling yourself Authentic? I beg go siddown jor! lol...But i guess he knew what he had or what he was working towards.

But one thing i noticed as time went on was that he was a fine script writer.He had written some very fine story lines as of then.So i thought to myself,okay,he is a fine writer,but i am still not convinced by his acting.You know,some actors,you just don't feel them.No matter what,and sadly for me,Muyiwa fell into that category for a long time.He reminded me of another fine Yoruba

movie legend,Alade Aromire.
The late Alade Aromire was just not a convincing actor,bless him,no matter how much he tried,i just didn't see it.But Alade Aromire was one of the best producers and Yoruba Movie writers ever.He indeed wrote fantastic scripts.
So i had boxed him in the same category,yep,he might be a s3x symbol to the ladies and star in many movies etc,but he was gonna be one of those actors who are better of as writers and film producers.
But boy,was i wrong.I was very wrong indeed.I started noticing more about Muyiwa when he played the older man's role.He is very convincing in that role,i think maybe subconsciously for Muyiwa,he really had to act then,cos he was obviously a younger man who had to come across as old.
Muyiwa Ademola with his wife and children

The actor is 44 years old and was born in January 26 1971.He is also married to Omolara.The couple got married some 9 years ago,they are married with children.Like any other superstar in his own entertainment industry,he has had his own scandal as well.He had a well publicised affair with the beautiful Mosun Filani.

The Muyiwa Ademola and Mosun Filani rumour was rife in the industry and the most open secret.But i guess if you are regarded as a sex symbol,its almost inevitable that there will be an affair or two along the way,happily married or not.Some said Mosun dreamt of a wedding with the actor,but Omolara was quick to warn her off and take control of her man and home.

actor Muyiwa Ademola and his mother

So moving away from that,and continue what i was saying,being a younger man,maybe he felt he really had to go into himself to portray the older man believably.And believe me,he really plays an old man fantastically.

So i started looking out for movies where he played an older man,i was slowly becoming a fan.You know how you would see a film and because your favourite actor was there,you would watch it,no matter how crap it was? Well,that was how i used to avoid his films.

muyiwa ademola and wife

Since i became a fan,i have seen many more of his films,but the last two that i saw finally convinced me that this man was a great actor.And you know what? He could have been or should i say can also be very successful in the English films of Nollywood.

I am not a very big fan of the Nollywood English films.I prefer the ones done in the village where they speak Igbo or pidgin.Why? Because they come across as very fake when they try to play modern characters.Sorry,not my thing.

But when Nollywood put together a cast of Ramsey Noah,Jim Iyke,Omotola,Mercy johnson,Genevieve Nnaji,RMD,and a few more...oh yea Desmond Elliot too,then i can watch the English Nollywood films cos these are fantastic actors.But how often do you get that lot coming together?

muyiwa authentic ademola yoruba actor

So back to Mr Authentic,i saw this movie a week ago called Asiko,it starred him and Iyabo Ojo,who coincidentally too put in one of her best performances in a film.Asiko was a beautiful film,but what i enjoyed most was his acting.He was believable,real and so natural,and the biggest shock was when he delivered his English lines in the film.I'm not saying i was surprised he could speak English,the man is educated for God's sake.What i am saying is the way Muyiwa delivered his lines was impeccable.
How he switched from an old man to a young man in the movie and killing both parts.You really need to go and see Asiko,a  beautiful films and him at his best.I think along with Odunlade Adekola,they must be the two best young Yoruba movies actors.

The other movie i saw was ,hold on,let me try to remember the name now,ok,i'll just run through the story line and hopefully the name will come to me.In the movie,Muyiwa Authentic plays the role of a rich man who lends people money,but is brutal when he has to collect his debts.He was a rich womanizer with many wives.Its a comedy,but a good film still with great acting.Ademola messed up my stomach with so much laughter.The film is called Ibusun.Now when you see an actor who can play a comedy role successfully,play a warrior,play an old man,a younger man and also play a king,you know you have one hell of an actor!
Written By Queen Olofofo

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