Linda Ikeji trending for having hairy legs and dirty toe nails!

Linda Ikeji trending for having hairy legs and dirty toe nails!

Linda ikeji trending news,

Linda Ikeji trending cos of hairy legs and dirty toe nails!
It must be really hard being a famous public figure.So there was Linda Ikeji,Nigeria's most famous news blogger,gently minding her own business in America where she has taken her family including mum and dad on an all expenses holiday payed for all by her.Everyone knows the blogger loves her shoes and bags,she is always trending taking and uploading pictures of her newly purchased shoes and bags on instagram.And these are very very expensive items.But i think her most recent pictures will be ones she wishes she had not loaded.She posted a picture of these roman looking shoes or sandals,not quite sure how to describe them.Unfortunately for Linda,the shoes were very close up and you could
see her toes and close up of her legs.And all hell was let loose!

Linda's photo showed her legs were hairy and so they started calling her all sorts and asking why she could not shave her legs?They said she was rich and famous yet could not take a second to shave her hairy legs. But i ask,what is wrong with hairy legs? I actually think her hairy legs are sexy,the hair is not knotted hair,but the kind of hair that is wavy and close to her skin.Well,seems a lot of the instagram critics did not think so.Some even went as far as saying it was disgusting that she did not shave!  Haaaaa!

Linda Ikeji feet
Linda Ikeji dirty toe nails..or are they?

But that was not even the worst,the worst was with her toe nails and  toe corns.Once again they started on poor Linda,saying how could she spend so much on shoes yet have such dirty toe nails and toe corns? She was told she is rich and should have regular toe pedicure.I don't think her feet had ever known anything like it! By now the shoes Linda was trying to share with her followers was now secondary,the main topic was the hairy legs and dirty toe nails as well as toe corns.

Maybe they had a point with the toe nails,they did not look the best,maybe she has learnt a lesson here that she is indeed a star and every single thing she does will be magnified and scrutinized
by those who can only dream of the lifestyle she has.But i think people writing things such as her having ugly and grubby feet,was way over the top,i see a lot of jealousy.
Society seems to like to build people up and then spend the next few years trying to bring them down! I cannot understand that mentality personally,but i guess-just like the song says,Mo Money,Mo problems!

It was not all bad news as a lot of fans stood up for her saying,she is too busy making billions to worry about things like shaving her legs or having pedicures.Her supporters say they are only jealous of the success Nigeria's number 1 blogger has and all the lovely shoes and bags she buys.Some said her toe corns shows she is human like the rest of them.Others replied that if this were someone else,the blogger would be the first to carry the story and pictures so she deserves what she is getting,well,maybe true.

Linda Ikeji  hairy legs

So it will be interesting to see if Linda does shave her legs in future or have her toe corns seen to,as per the dirty toe nails,i don't think they were that bad,she is on holiday in America,maybe they had been to the beach and some dirt got into her nails.I am sure she has pedicures,common now,of course she would won't she? But if you love shoes the way she obviously does,there is a high chance you would develop toe corns.Have you seen Naomi Campbell's feet?Have you seen her toes and the corns? So it can happen.

Linda Ikeji feet.

Linda ikeji trending

I hope Linda is not too down with this experience,i hope her holiday has not been ruined either,she had been selfless and spent a lot on her family for this trip and deserves a break.She didn't bargain for this episode.But one thing she would have learnt is,she is not allowed to have hairy legs even if she loves them,lol..She would also have learnt that she cannot have dirty toe nails or toe corns,because there are people out there just waiting to rub her face in it!

Linda ikeji crucified naija queen,


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