Sean Tizzle settles rift with Basketmouth and denies charging him.

Sean Tizzle settles rift with Basketmouth and denies charging him.

Sean Tizzle and BasketMouth clear up their differences.
Ace comedian Basketmouth sometime last week said he wasn't happy with popular singer Sean Tizzle. BasketMouth said he had helped Sean Tizzle secure contracts for three shows but when he called on him to perform at his own show, the pop act allegedly gave him a ridiculous price.

Because of that, the comedian said he blacklisted Sean from all his shows. However in an

exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, Tizzle, through his manager, said that he was never contacted by Basketmouth. He said that he learnt about the development when the news broke.
He said:

 “It is cool that everything is out there. If Basketmouth has any issue with me, I would have expected that he would call me and speak with me. I see Basketmouth as an uncle. If he called anybody from my management team, there should be verification and if he did not like what they told him, he could have called me to inform me. 
Nobody contacted us to tell us that they wanted us to be at his show. Even if somebody contacted us, I would have thought that it should be directed towards me personally instead of going through my management team. If it happened, I would have expected that it would be resolved immediately without the news getting out to the public. It is something we could have resolved amicably. We were not contacted to perform at his show.”
The singer however said that immediately the news broke, his manager reached out to Basketmouth to set things right. He told Saturday Beats that everything is fine between both parties.
“Let’s be logical, if Basketmouth with what he has done for me should contact me for a show, I cannot give him a ridiculous price. I did not know anything and I learnt about it when the news broke. I was so shocked when I heard the news. It is true that he has supported my career and I really appreciate him for supporting my brand. 
We tried to reach out to him when the news broke but we could not get a hold of any of his management team. Rico, my manager, sent Basketmouth a Whatsapp message immediately the news broke. They talked about it and we are in good terms with Basketmouth because we have spoken about it and cleared it all out. We have a good relationship with him and we have sorted everything out,” he said.

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