Friday, 11 September 2015

Watch Video of civil servants weeping at Fayose's feet!

late Ekiti Civil servants prostrating for Ayo Fayose

I didn't realise a video of this incident actually existed.I saw pictures but thought that was all there was to it.Seeing grown men and women crawl and crying for their futures,i don't like it at all.Governor Fayose might not have asked them to get on their knees and beg like peasants,but i believe its all in the approach.I have never seen this kind of thing before especially in a public place,civil servants weeping and prostrating for a governor,these are civil servants who have been
stripped of their dignity just for coming late to work.

The irony is ,some of these worker might even be owed salaries.Its okay to owe them months and months of salaries,but when they come late to work,you strip them of their dignity and play the perfect host.Nigerian governments have to do something about this.You can't continue to make the people feel they owe you their lives.The government is there to serve the people.
Even if these people were late,there is a better and civilized way to approach the matter.What has happened to memos,queries or personal approach privately?
Anyway,watch the video of civil servants weeping and wailing at Governor's Fayose's feet.Its not a pretty sight.


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