Disgust as German hunter kills largest elephant in Africa!

Disgust as German hunter kills largest elephant in Africa!

picture of the largest elephant in Africa killed by hunters!

I am really sick of all these killings of these animals! Who is gonna stop these animals dressed in human skins? It might sound far fetched to you now,but there really is a risk that our grandchildren might not get to see a lion or an elephant.
Less than three months after Cecil the Lion was shot dead, a German hunter has killed a large elephant with 122 pounds tusks in a game park in Zimbabwe.

The elephant is thought to have been the biggest elephant shot in living memory when it was killed on October 8 in Gonarezhou National Park in south-east Zimbabwe.

The majestic animal's tusks weighed 122 pounds and were so big that they dragged along
the ground, according to Johnny Rodrigues Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force.

The hunter is believed to be a German national, who reportedly paid $60,000 (£39,000) for a hunting permit to shoot the colossal bull elephant as part of an organised hunt. He was assisted by an experienced hunter who acted as his guide on the 21 day hunting trip.

Pro-hunting groups have praised the hunter for the killing, while conservationists have condemned the killing.
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