Naija Blogger Linda Ikeji's N450 Banana Island House divides twitter!

Naija Blogger Linda Ikeji's N450 Banana Island House divides twitter!

Linda Ikeji's banana Island house worth N500m.

Linda Ikeji counting her blessings..

As expected,the new Linda Ikeji Mansion in Banana Island has generated a talking point online.Twitter has been going crazy on Linda.To be fair a lot of people are congratulating her and happy for her,but there is also a bunch of people who are on her case to have a baby and get married rather than buying a mansion! Only in Nigeria.How can you plan someone's life
for them?What business is it of anybody if she does not have a child or get married? Shebi its her life?
Linda Ikeji for President!!!!! Huge congratulations. Pls adopt me for one month na

More reactions after the cut..

Some people will always try to find bad in something ,no matter how beautiful that something is.There loads of people in this world who don't wanna get married or have children,i know Linda is not one of them,because she has said it herself many times that she can't wait to get married or have babies.But if she hasn't found the right guy yet,is she gonna kill her self or stop living her life? I have all this money and i can buy whatever i want,but i would not because i am not married? Oh pleasseeeee! Life is too short! What if she dies tomorrow? I don't pray she does,but you must know what i mean.

But then again,without these prophets of doom,life will be so boring.Imagine if everybody had been talking about how wonderful it is for Linda to buy a house in Banana Island.What would we have to write about and discuss? lol...

Linda ikeji is 'feminist' goals man. Lol who needs a man when you can buy yourself a house in Banana island? What is a man?

Linda ikeji's new house in banana island ikoyi,please who will teach me how to blog

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