Linda Ikeji buys stunning Banana Island Mansion for N450m!

Linda Ikeji buys stunning Banana Island Mansion for N450m!

Linda Ikeji is indeed swimming in money.Her newly acquired Banana Island Mansion in Lagos is the talk of the internet right now.I remember telling a good friend of mine that the blogger makes at least $1m a year.He gave me a thorough bashing,telling i believe in hype so much.I'm not gonna tell him about her new place,i'm sure he will find out himself,if he doesn't,Laura will
knock on his door and tell him,lol..

Reactions of Nigerians to Linda's New House(click here)

As you can see from the pictures,the mansion is absolutely stunning! Laura,Linda's sister is threatening to show us pictures of the walk in closet,i'm sure before the day is over,we will be awash with images of Linda's mansion,more photos are sure to come as Linda herself has not shared one or even said anything.But the closet should indeed be something to see,anyone who has been following Miss Ikeji's career will know she is a fashion queen,in fact i think she spends way too much on fashion accessories,but hey it's her money,she made it and she can spend it how she sees fit,she doesn't buy gold,her thing is designer shoes and bags...I think i should do a post on how many bags Linda has,it is ridiculous! I mean that in a good way,she has so many bags..and they are all designers.
Last week she posted this story  on instagram,lamenting on how a fashion house claimed she bought a designer bag from them.She refuted this,saying she bought the bag for 5,000 Euros in Paris! Yep,5,000 Euros.That blog surely is paying beyond he dreams.
Linda Ikeji Mansion in Banana Island.

But what i like about her is she is not a selfish person.She built a N78m house for her parents,established a fund structure for young girls going into business and giving out millions.
So if she choses to buy a mansion in Banana Island for N450m,she deserves to.
Funny thing is with all she has done,some people online are still saying they wish she will give something back to society rather than buy a house in Banana Island...Imagine? Now they are telling her where she can buy a house? And her buying a house for her parents and giving money out to young ladies to start out is still not enough for some people.You truly indeed can never satisfy the same people will be the one who says,she can't buy a house in a decent area with all the money she has if she doesn't.The moral here? LIVE YOUR LIFE!

Linda Ikeji banana island mansion for 500 million naira

By the way,the house is rumoured to cost,N450m!
I reckon it can't be less than N300m! It is a 6 bedroom mansion with a swimming pool.Sister Laura reckons celebrities and billionaires such as Dantata and Michael Adenuga are their neighbours...
Congratulations let me get back to my laptop,me sef wan buy mansion for Banana Island!

written by Queen Olofofo
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