Friday, 16 October 2015

Should Majek Fashek have been allowed to perform at Felabration so soon after Rehab?

Majek Fashek at FELABRATION
Good to see Majek Fashek looking healthy again after years and years of drug abuse and looking a wreck! The Reggae star was seen performing at Fela Anikulapo Kuti Felabration festival.I'm a bit worried about his advisers though.The Shrine is the last place you wanna send a recovering addict who just got out of rehab weeks ago.When you are recovering addict,be it gambling ,drinking or a drug user,the first thing they insert into your head is the necessity to stay away from those surroundings in your early days! I am astounded that
Majek has been allowed to perform in a surrounding where Marijuana is openly smoked and where the air is so polluted with the smell.This man just got out of rehab 2 minutes ago for Pete's sake! Was he not told at the rehab centre or are his advisers just brainless?

I wish Majek Fashek well.we all do.What has happened to him these last few years has been a tragedy of a great world talent,but i'm afraid he has the wrong team around him.It is total madness to allow him to perform at Felabration knowing what the surrounding is like and the great temptation around that place.If he performs at more venues like these in the nearest future,how long do you think it will take before Majek relapses and heads back into rehab?
I can now say that Majek either has no suitable management around him or he is the one managing his affair.Either way he needs a total reform,Majek Fashek rehabilitation news was met with joy and affection by Nigerians,but this latest Felabration Shrine performance is just like inviting a serial womaniser who had just gotten married and promised to be faithful, to a party in a brothel.

Written by Queen Olofofo.

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