Dead Mike Enahoro and peers made The News enjoyable in Nigeria.

Dead Mike Enahoro and peers made The News enjoyable in Nigeria.

Mike Enahoro who died at 76.

Nigerian veteran newscaster Mike Enahoro is dead! The stylish and charismatic news caster died on Friday October 9.He was aged 76.

This is a very sad day for me.You see i grew up at a time in Nigeria when little kids were made to sit down and watch the NTA or NTV Channel 10 news when ever it came on.You would hardly find a child in those days(1970s and early 80s) who did not know the names and faces of the popular Nigerian newscasters of those days,names like Siene Allwell-Brown, Julie Coker, Bode Alalade,Patrick Oke,Mike Enahoro,Taiwo Alimi,Ruth Benamaisia,Tokunbo Ajayi and on and on.
Can you imagine an average 10 year old Nigeria kid now naming a single newscaster on telly? Even some University students can't.That's the new culture of things.At the age of 7,i knew all these people
and watched the news almost everyday!

These news casters made you wanna watch the news,they had perfect diction,were easy on the eyes,spoke with a fluid and pleasant accent without trying to sound American or foreign and wore the most beautiful national attires.
One of those who stood out among these many distinguished Nigerian newscasters of yesteryears,was Enahoro.
I can still see him with his afro hair,beautiful accent and voice sitting next to Julie Coker casting the news.In those days,Julie Coker was shared amongst Bode Alalade and Mike,Bode Alalade as well was another legend who left us in 2013 at the age of 75.

Ruth Benamaisia Nigerian news caster,
Ruth Benamaisia.

Sienne Allwell Brown and Ruth Benamaisia,Nigerian veteran newscasters.

I remember one of the most famous outfits Mike Enahoro ever wore on telly while casting the news,he had a wrapper draped on him covering one arm and leaving the other arm exposed.On the other hand that was exposed,he also had a sort of band tied on his upper arm.It was beautiful,he even had a headband once to go with his traditional outfit.Those guys were ahead of their time.

Sienne allwell brown Nigerian newscaster
Sienne Allwell Brown.

When i watch the news in Nigeria now,i do it it almost out of necessity.Its not enjoyable,very few newscasters are worth the time to sit down and listen to.Their diction is terrible and they have no sense of timing or of the occasion.Imagine ,i was watching the news once,there had been a bomb and this new casters with her fake accent was reporting the death of many Nigerians and children as if she was announcing a report of Nigeria winning the world cup!

The incomparable Julie Coker.

When you read the news,your mood and mannerism has to reflect on what you are reporting on,how can you report such a sad national disaster like it was a happy occasion? You would never have found the likes of Mike Enahoro in their days make such a mistake.

I remember when Princess Diana died and it was being reported,the man who broke the news in the UK took of his glasses because it was steamed up from his tears and his voice was shaken..that was the mood of the nation,that is how you et in tune with your viewers.You don't have to cry,but at least show in your manner that this is a sad news.

I have not heard details of how Mike Enahoro died yet,I have switched to every Nigerian station i know,i heard nothing,that in itself is a disgrace.That a man like Michael Enahoro could die and the Nigerian Journalists of all sectors will not even bother to report the news as an exclusive! The irony is that,if it were some newscaster from Britain or the USA,my people will be the first to report it.

Bode Alalade Nigerian news caster who died at 75 in 2013.

I tried to find a picture of Michael Enahoro to go with this report,but could not find one.I am sure that now that he is dead,his pictures will be all over the place on the net.Another sad thing that we have to wait till our heroes are dead before we celebrate them.

The late Mike Enahoro in one of his very final appearances in October.

People like Enahoro should have been celebrated yearly for their influence and service to the nation.I am happy in a way that a new generation will get to know about the man.Sadly it was before the days of social media and the internet,so there will be no way they could see the great man at work.Nigeria has no maintenance culture,so forget them even showing him while reading the news.

RIP Mike Enahoro,thanks for the memories and may you and your golden voice rest in peace.
My name is Mike Enahoro and a good night to you all.

Written by Queen Olofofo

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