Why Nigeria should shed no tears for dead Diepreye Alamieyeseigha

Why Nigeria should shed no tears for dead Diepreye Alamieyeseigha

The first executive governor of Bayelsa state Diepreye Alamieyeseigha is dead apparently.I say apparently because until i see a picture of him lying in state,i will not believe his death,after all,this was the same man who manifested into a woman in London Uk when wanted on money laundering charges.So forgive me for being skeptical if in the same week that it comes up that he was to be extradited,he dies of hypertension at the age of 64!

Now,lets assume the former Bayelsa governor is really dead,it will come as a big shock to me,in fact when i heard the news,i had to check various publications to make sure he really was dead.It all just seemed rather too convenient that he died at this time,only a few days ago i read with glee that he was going to be
The news of the British government's intent to extradite him on money laundering charges plus the recent news of Diezani Alison Madueke being investigated in the same London must have sent the man's blood pressure rising!

Usually when someone dies,you feel sad and wish for their soul to rest in peace.I can honestly say i feel no pity for Alamieyeseigha .Why? I shall tell you.

This man was wanted for laundering Nigeria's money in the UK.He was also impeached later for corruption in Nigeria.Do you know how many Nigerians die daily as a result of corruption by our public office holders?

Alamieyeseigha and Goodluck Jonathan

If a road was supposed to be fixed,a contract was awarded,millions of dollars paid out,but the person who issues the contact has colluded with someone else and they didn't fix the road and people die on the road as a result of its poor state,who do you think is responsible for that death? The politician who pocketed the money and those involved in the scam.That is corruption for you.

So many Nigerians have died as a result of this,from money meant to equip our hospitals,fix our power,keep our country secured.All this money is stolen by corrupt politicians,but you see a budget every year saying they spent billions on that project,and you wonder,where has all those billions gone to?
Alamieyeseigha was said to have escaped from London dressed as a woman.

Just imagine how many houses have burnt down over the years from candles when there was no light,
how many people have died of generator fumes in their houses over night,and those dying without even realising it.All these is caused by men like the ex governor who steal our money continuously without a conscience,killing innocent Nigerians.

So you see why i don't give a damn if he was truly dead and why no Nigerians but his family and thieving friends should cry for him.

Where was Goodluck Jonathan when  Alamieyeseigha  was in hospital dying? He should have gone to save him.Your actions in power will tell how people will talk about you in death!

Before anyone says don't speak ill about the dead,i care not for all that,dead is dead and the truth is the truth.In my opinion we are all going to die,No one is living this world alive,but sometimes we determine how we go.Alamieyeseigha has got what he deserves and if you want the best for yourself and your grand kids and generation to come,you should pray for more men like him to leave Nigeria preferably dead,because we all know that even in their 70s,they still want power and don't wanna leave.
Once again,when i see the dead ex leader lying in state,i shall believe his dead,and i will go to bed believing one enemy of Nigeria is down and many more to go.
On a lighter note,isn't it interesting how he has developed a nickname in death?He suddenly becomes Alams,i could never spell that name properly.
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