Naija Ladies with Succulent Yansh Rapper Vic O wants you!

Naija Ladies with Succulent Yansh Rapper Vic O wants you!

Rapper Vic O is a clown.The self acclaimed amazing rapper has been having so much press lately with appearances in every major blogs and Tv stations across Nigeria.Oh and MTV as well. This is why i always say talent enough is not enough to make you into a super star,you get the very few who talent only puts them in that space.But on the whole you have to have that complete package,talent,charisma,drive and X factor.Vic has all of the above but sadly lacks the talent factor.So why is he getting all the press? Because he is so ridiculous that he is entertaining! You
know when something is so bad that it becomes good? Or when something is so painful to cry and you laugh instead?
The guy is hilarious and you just don't know what he will come up with next.

The rapper shot to fame some 5 years ago when he recorded a song and video titled After Party.The song became a big hit on youtube and still getting views today,you might wanna go check it out.

In recent news today,when engaged in a question and answer,he was asked how many times he will kill Eminem in a rap battle,he answered,"he will have died before i touch the mike"! Hahahahahaha that is just priceless...and when asked what kind of women he was attracted to,he answered,God fearing women with boobs and succulent yansh! loooool...So all of you Naija women with the above criteria,you better go quickly apply or tun for it!

Vic O is working Don Jazzy.

The biggest punch however was reserved for rapper Meek Mill,my man seems to be having a really bad year,he was destroyed by Drake and Wale a few days ago,now Vic O has put the final boot in.When he was asked what the title of the song will be if Meek wanted to do a song with him,he replied,i won't do the song,he is lame! Chai..poor Meek.The Nigerian rapper is an entertainer and i would watch his interview anyday..But listen to his songs?That is a different matter,but funnily,that might change because according to recent news,he is currently recording a song with Don Jazzy,hmmm.He might actually become a proper star with a proper hit...Scary thought...

Written by Queen Olofofo.

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