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PDP senators back Saraki still despite Amaechi Ministerial confirmation fracas

Nigerians just amaze me.How can senators of a country say they have confidence in a man who is up on corruption charges? Do these men have no shame or principles? At the very least,they should say we shall await the result of the trial as we cannot make any claims right now because of the seriousness of the issue.But no,,Nigerian politics don't play that way.Instead,the PDP senators say despite the row that followed the confirmation of Rotimi Amaechi yesterday, they still have strong confidence in the leadership of the senate president, Bukola Saraki. One of the PDP senators, Gershom Bassey who spoke with NAN
today, said they will continue to support Saraki as he faces his trial at the Code of Conduct Tribunal.
"We have had two votes of confidence on him and they stand. He has the confidence of the Senate and there is absolutely no problem. In spite of the disagreement between the APC and PDP senators, nothing has changed.
In democracy, people must have different points of view and we must express those points of view. The Senate is a vibrant one that has a lot of vibrant debates; the Senate is not a football team that we all have to play in the same direction," he said.
Also speaking, Senator George Sekibo who submitted the petition against Amaechi to the Senate maintained that PDP senators were still behind Saraki.

I understand that to a point,a man is innocent till proven guilty,but in this case and bearing what is at stake,you have to stay neutral till a conclusion is reached,especially as it is not a private matter,it is the Federal government questioning your character and trait.So how can senators put personal interest first before national interest?



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