Friday, 30 October 2015

Why stepfather pulled out of paying for daughter's wedding last minute!

This is a rather peculiar story,its full of everything.Betrayal,love,stupidity and most of all the realisation that your fate is always in your own hands.People will treat you the way you want or allow them to.We have all heard of horror wedding stories and at the same time stepfather horror stories.Except this time the stepfather turned out to be the saint who was taken for a ride over and over again.
The gist of the story is that of a man who lived with his girl friend and her daughter.He sent her to school at a cost of $40k.The deadbeat father was never around,but whenever he showed up he was always the hero to the daughter or stepdaughter.

The stepfather bought her a car while she was at college and basically took care of all her financial
needs,once again,the biological father never turned up at all these times.

So here comes the big moment where the story becomes interesting and a big moment of epiphany occurs.
The stepdaughter was gonna get married and guess who was paying for the wedding? The stepfather!

Now follow the story as told by the stepfather from a post on facebook.It really is a horror story or maybe a case of wedding gone wrong but right for the other party?..Enjoy...


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