Saturday, 14 November 2015

Astounding footages of Jihad John as student emerges as rumours of death lingers.

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Jihad John Killed.
News coming from America's Pentagon says that a US drone strike in Syria has killed the Islamic State militant known as "Jihadi John".
Col Steve Warren said Thursday's attack in Raqqa had hit the intended target, but it would take time to "formally declare that we have had success".
Meanwhile,some astounding footage has emerged of Jihad John in his formative years.The
boy with bad breath who became the world's most wanted man: Incredible footage emerges of Jihadi John at school as it is revealed he was a shy and insecure student who was bullied for having halitosis. Footage of ISIS executioner Jihadi John, real name Mohammed Emwazi, shows him as a teenager mingling with his classmates at Quintin Kynaston Academy, in Queen's Park, north London. The footage shows a teenage Emwazi sat among his classmates on computers during an apparent IT lesson as one student asks him: 'Mohammed, what subject are you revising today?' (centre).

Another clip shows him bounding around the playground while latching on to a big group of his peers, while another shows him with his arm covering his mouth due to his apparent fear of his bad breath (top right). The footage has emerged just hours after the 27-year-old was reportedly killed in a missile strike in the centre of Islamic State's stronghold of Raqqa in Syria.

jihad john school pictures
Video footage shows Emwazi messing around in the playground of the north London school with his peers

Another piece of footage shows him bounding around the playground while latching on to a group of his peers

jihad john primary school
Emwazi, pictured as a schoolboy, was said to have wanted to become a Premier League star, scoring goals for Manchester United by the age of 30. He moved to the UK from Kuwait, aged six, and lived in north London

jihad john picturejihad john terrorist
 Emwazi, a university graduate from Queen's Park, London, was able to flee to Syria despite being on an MI5 watchlist and quickly became known as 'Jihadi John' for his appearance in a string of horrific killings (right)

Source: Mail Online

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