Davido escapes with life after South African armed robbery!

davido money

Davido robbed
This is one of the dangers of flashing money online,thieves see you and think,i want some of that.Music superstar Davido was robbed in South Africa this evening as he landed in the country. He lost $55,000 cash!! That is crazy!! According to a source , Davido and his manager Kamal landed in SA and were on
their way from the airport to their hotel when they were attacked by two armed men. Their belongings including a Rolex watch and a passport was stolen.They really need to tone down the way they flash riches ,jewellery and money,it is only going to attract criminals towards them.Thankfully Davido is alive and well,but just like he tweeted,it could have been a lot worse.
davido robbed in south africa

Davido in South African armed robbery!

davido robbed

davido jewellery

davido robbed of jewellery and money

davido hkn jewellery

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