Eyeball tattooing craze spreading despite danger warnings(photos)

Eyeball tattooing craze spreading despite danger warnings(photos)

eyeball tattoo imageseyeball tattooing images

Eyeball Tattoo.
The world is such a funny place,some people will look at these people as weirdos,meanwhile in return they will look at the same people as boring square people,lol.The people seen in these pictures are some of those partaking in the latest tattooing craze,eyeball tattooing.Just writing those words alone gives me the shakes.Why would anyone wanna tattoo their eyes? I cannot understand it.
Eyeball tattooing is reportedly gaining traction in Australia, despite medical professionals warning it can cause blindness and cancer. At least 20 Australians have permanently inked
their sclera - the white area around the iris – in the practice founded by American body modification specialist, Luna Cobra. 

Despite optometrists cautioning the dangers of the practice, people are increasingly undergoing the sclera inking in a bid to stand out.

'I think it's just becoming a trend among people that just want to be super-extreme. But the worry is that they are just getting anyone to do it — or doing it themselves,' Luna Cobra told News Corp.

His practice, which was inspired from a friend photoshopping his eyes in an image, involves injecting ink directly into the eyeball, which spreads and colours the white of the eye.

eyeball tattoo photos

eyeball tattooing photos

eyeball tattoo pictures

photo eyeball tattooeyeball tattooing pictures
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