Jonah Lomu All Blacks Rugby Superstar dies at 40!

Jonah Lomu All Blacks Rugby Superstar dies at 40!

Jonah Lomu dead at 40
Rugby Union legend Jonah Lomu is dead!

Jonah Lomu dead.
One of the saddest things i have woken up to in recent times is the news that All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu has died at the age of 40.
I was only just reading about Lomu's struggle with his illness in a British newspaper about a month ago.He was in London for the Rugby world cup and talking about his fight against the kidney ailment that has plagued him.He also spoke about how proud he was of his two
sons and how he want to live for them.He actually said he never thought he could have children due to his illness.And now less than a month later Jonah Lomu is dead.I am in shock!
All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu is dead

Nadene Lomu, the wife and manager of the rugby great, said in a statement: "It is with great sadness that I must announce my dear husband Jonah Lomu died (overnight).
"This is a devastating loss for our family and may I ask that our privacy, especially the privacy of our two very young boys, be respected as we take them through this traumatic time."
A family spokesman told TV3: "I can confirm that Jonah Lomu died this morning ... it was totally unexpected.
"Jonah and his family arrived back from the UK last night."
I am not even a rugby fan.I have never watched a full match in my life on Tv or live.But i see highlights on Tv and the news.But one man i could not escape in the 90s was Jonah Lomu.The man transcended the sport of Rugby.Everyone knew the big man who had incredible skill and just powered through his  opponents like they were not there on the field of play.Jonah Lomu death is a cruel one.I feel so sorry for his wife and family.To die at 40 is such a shame.The man had to give up a playing career that would have seen him become undoubtedly the greatest Rugby Union player ever.That is a very hard thing to do for any sportsman.Giving up in your prime.
Jonah Lomu dies at 40 years old

Lomu had dealt with the severe kidney ailment nephrotic syndrome since 1995 which forced his premature retirement from international rugby in 2002.
After having a kidney transplant in 2004 he tried unsuccessfully to resume his professional career in Wales and France.
While his health seemed to improve he could not regain his former dominance and eventually retired from all rugby in 2006.
Since Lomu's transplant failed in 2011, he became reliant on dialysis.
He won 63 caps for the All Blacks during an impressive career which saw him regarded as rugby union's first global superstar.
New zealand Jonah Lomu rugby great dead
Jonah Lomu of the All Blacks dies at 40.
A tweet from New Zealand Rugby chief Steve Tew read: "We're all shocked and deeply saddened at the sudden death of Jonah Lomu."
He added: "We're lost for words and our heartfelt sympathies go out to Jonah's family.
"Jonah was a legend of our game and loved by his many fans both here and around the world."
May Jonah Lomu's soul rest in peace.It is really a sad day for New Zealanders and all lovers of sport and rugby.My heart goes out to his family friends and children.I am sure Jonah is powering through the gates of heaven now,unstoppably.
Rest in peace Jonah Lomu

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