Terrorists strike in Mali Hotel attack with reports of 27 dead hostages!

Terrorists strike in Mali Hotel attack with reports of 27 dead hostages!


Mali hostage.
The world is indeed a very dangerous place right now.These terrorists have made us all panicky and looking over our shoulders which is exactly what they intended.Exactly a week after the Paris attacks which killed over 100 hundred people,a Radisson Blu Mali hotel in Mali,Bamako was today,7 am British time attacked by terrorists.
They forced their way into the hotel shouting the God is great slogan.French and American forces teamed up with local Malian forces to fight the terrorists.Many have been rescued,but there
are also reports that many have been killed in the Mali attack.The reported death toll so far is 20,18 of those were said to be hostages,but another report says the dead are 27.

Mali hostage.
American,French,German,Chinese nationals were said to be some of the hostages of the Mali Bamako attack.
Air France crew were said to use the hotel regularly,luckily the crew have been rescued.
Malian special forces stormed a luxury hotel in Bamako on Friday after Islamist gunmen took 170 people including many foreigners hostage in the capital.
State television said 80 hostages had been freed and at least three people had been killed in the initial attack.Those freed include ,12 Air France staff ,Guinean singer Sekouba Bambino and three Turkish Airlines staff.
Guinean singer Sekouba 'Bambino' Diabate, who was freed by Malian security forces said

I heard them say in English 'Did you load it?', 'Let's go,' 'I wasn't able to see them because in these kinds of situations it's hard. I woke up with the sounds of gunshots and for me, it was just small bandits who came in the hotel to claim something. After 20 or 30 minutes, I realized these are not just petty criminals,'
US and French Special Forces have reportedly stormed the hotel and have began to clear the building one floor at a time.

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