Sunday, 22 November 2015

Video of housemaid fanning Nigerian woman for 2 hours at salon causes outrage

Housemaid fans woman for 2 hours in salon.
We have some really inhumane people in this world.Can you imagine a woman going to a hairdressing salon and taking her maid along,the maid could not have been more that 12 0r 13 years old.Now there is nothing wrong with this so far,but the woman then gets the maid
to fan her for 2 hours while she is attended to at the salon.That is just cruel and incredible! The surprising thing is no one came to the help of the poor child.
A Facebook user, Francesca Joseph-Esenwa shared the video of the underage girl maid fanning her ‘madam’ for two hours at a salon somewhere in Nigeria.
Here’s the video below..
She wrote,
“I witnessed this modern day slavery today at a nail salon. This woman who arrived in a jeep came with this girl who looked rather unkempt and had her fan her for over 2 hours.
I Watched helplessly and prayed for life to be able to add value for my children.
If she can use her as a mobile fan for over 2 hours in public you can then imagine what she uses her for behind closed doors.
No help for this children as we watch them being abused.
No school.
Still hurt by this.

However some also picked on the lady who recorded the video.They asked why she could not speak up for the girl rather than bring out her phone to record the incident. 

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