Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Britain and America call on Buhari to probe Shiites killings

Nigerian army Shiites killings.
The United States and the United Kingdom have expressed their concern over the recent clash between the Nigerian Army and Muslim Shiites in Zaria, Kaduna. 

The two countries called on President Buhari not to fold his hands but probe the incident.

“While many details of the incidents that reportedly began on December 12 remain unclear, we are dismayed to learn of multiple civilian deaths.  It is essential that all sides refrain from
actions that further destabilize the situation.

“The United States calls on the Government of Nigeria to quickly, credibly, and transparently investigate these events in Zaria and hold to account any individuals found to have committed crimes,” the US embassy said in a statement Wednesday.

“Like many across Nigeria, I am following with concern the reports of violence in Zaria over the weekend between the Nigerian security forces and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria.  I am further concerned at reports that protests in Kaduna have turned violent.

“Nigeria’s religious and ethnic diversity adds a great deal to this country’s rich culture.  It is important, therefore, that Nigerians of all faiths are allowed to assemble and worship freely.

“In addition, I call on the security forces to conduct their operations within the rule of law, and for demonstrators to ensure any protests are peaceful and equally act within the law,” the British High Commissioner, Paul Arkwright also said in a statement.

Meanwhile,a video of the Nigerian Army pleading with Shiite members to let them pass on Saturday has emerged online. As seen in the video, one of the leaders of the Army moved towards them before few others joined, begging and appealing to the Shiites to give way and let them pass. After several minutes of appealing and arguments, they let them pass, but the video never showed when the Army allegedly shot at them killing hundreds of them like they claimed.
See a video of the Nigeria army and Shiites protesters below...


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