Thursday, 10 December 2015

Nollywood's Prince Eke Muma Gee husband kidnapped and they want N15m!

Prince Eke, a nollywood actor and husband to veteran PH based musician Muma Gee was kidnapped on Saturday in the East on his way back from filming in Asaba, on the Owerri-Port Harcourt road.This must be the worst nightmare for anyone.What is the government doing about security in this country?

According to Diamond Celebrities, the kidnappers have contacted Muma and they are demanding for 15 million naira as ransom. They promised to bury Prince Eke alive by
Thursday, this evening if this huge ransom is not paid. .
Muma Gee is pleading with the kidnappers to release her husband unconditionally, saying that Prince Eke is just a Nollywood actor and the family has no means of raising the huge sum of money within the short period  of time, Diamond Celebrities reports.

 Muma Gee has asked for Nigerians to pray for her husband as they go through this storm.


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