Thursday, 10 December 2015

Policewoman fans Ooni of Ife's wife despite warnings from IG of Police against such.

Despite the warnings On the 21st of May, 2015 of the IG of Police, Solomon Arase, that policemen attached to VIPs against engaging in domestic chores for their principals a Policewoman was still seen fanning the wife of the new Ooni of Ife,Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi. He said they should respect themselves and the Nigeria Police Force by not engaging in menial jobs for their principals.

He said: "I have directed the commissioner of police in-charge of the airports that if they find any of you carrying boxes (of VIPs) and rifles, and dragging them all over the place, they should arrest you and you will be punished

Those of you who are posted to VIPs, on no account should you carry their bags and on no account should you act as domestic servants to them. You are police officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and they must respect you as such.

Your uniform must be respected, anybody who wants to hire a domestic help should not use our policemen who are sent to protect them as domestic help."
But during the recent coronation of the Ooni of Ife, a police officer was pictured fanning the wife of the king. I wonder if her duties extend to fanning... A standing fan would have done the job better.There is absolutely no dignity or respect for the Nigerian police uniform.This would never have happened in the 70s and 80s.


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