Amazing 68 yr old Nigerian woman runs Lagos 42 km Marathon!

68 year old Nigerian woman runs lagos 42km marathon.

68 year old Nigerian woman runs marathon.
This is really impressive.I mean.i see this kind of thing happen abroad,but not in Nigeria or Africa.We don't pay importance to things like this,so to see a 68 year old woman run a marathon is commendable.I hope it encourages some women out there and shows them you don't have to be confided to the kitchen at 40! You can still do a lot physically that will benefit your health and body
and keep you attractive for a long time! And this does not apply to our women alone,our men too.
The 68 years old woman, Abiola Oshodi-Adeniyibada (middle) completed the Lagos 42km Marathon which held today February 6th. The retired civil servant says she's always been athletic right from her secondary school days and has even participated in marathons in other parts of the world. Photo credit: @drprels

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