Church members carry Tanzanian Pastor whose feet must not touch the floor!

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Tanzanian Pastor walks on church members.Another mad day in the religious circles of Africa.Apparently,this Tanzanian pastor's feet must not touch the floor during his church service.So what does he do? He gets members of his church to carry him around,and when he is standing still,they get on all fours and he stands on them. How far will this madness go? How stupid can these people be? 

We have heard pastors who gave congregations snake to eat,sand and mud to eat,who kicked them in the stomach so they can conceive.We have also had pastors who asked their members to eat grass.The other day,i was watching this famous South African pastor,who asked his church members to bring their underwear to church so he prays for it and cast out the demons in their body! These are things that you would have laughed at if you saw it happen in a Nollywood movie,but this is happening in real life.Check out more pics after the cut...

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