Linda Ikeji Wizkid fight gets dirty as he calls her lonely 40 year old!

Wizkid and Linda Ikeji.
Linda Ikeji has never been so popular.There is a saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity.If that is the case,Linda will be a happy woman.I the last few weeks there has been news of her Banana Island mansion,her fake Hermes bag,allegations that she might have been paid by politicians
during the election and now she has a beef with one of Africa's most popular musicians Wizkid.

A pregnant Binta Diamond who later said Wizkid has been a dead beat dad.

Binta Diamond with the son she is claiming she had for Wizkid.

It all started with the reports of the Guinean American based girl,Binta Diamond Diallo- who was alleged to have had a son for Wizkid.I guess Wizkid did not like the coverage gave the report.Especially the part where Wizzy was called a dead beat dad.Wizkid then gained revenge by mocking Linda  yesterday after reading an article about Linda suffering from poverty mentality.
Round 3 then commenced when Miss Ikeji used a post about how U.S rapper stood up for his babymama by storming her page to blast a troll who tried ridiculing her.

In her post titled “When your babydaddy isn’t a ‘deadbeat’! The Game slams Internet trolls who tried to drag his babymama,” Linda wrote: ” The Game and Tiffney Cambridge have been together on/off for years and have 2 children together. Here’s what  happened.
Tiffney shared a photo on Instagram, of two designer handbags owned by her & her daughter with The Game. A random Internet Troll took to the comments section to slam her for trying to act like she purchased the bags by herself. The Game swiftly responded, (unlike a deadbeat father who hasn’t started to cater for his child), and dragged the Troll.”….. Obviously Linda was throwing shades and referring to Wizkid as the dead beat father.
Wizkid's reply to this? Well,i won't say much,a picture speaks a thousand words.See what he posted below,feeling sorry for Linda at 40..Personally i don't think Linda should be engaging Wizkid in this childish ping ball game,she is some 10 years or more older that the boy,just stay in your lane.

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