Abba Moro arrest is further proof that Jonathan was worst President Ever!

Abba Moro arrest is further proof that Jonathan was worst President Ever!

Abba Moro vs EFCC
The EFCC on Monday arrested the former Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, over the Nigerian Immigration recruitment scam in which no fewer than 20 job seekers died.
This is further proof why in my opinion Goodluck Jonathan was and is the worst president Nigeria ever had the misfortune of having!How can over 20 job seeking Nigerian youths have died in what was clearly a fraudulent and misappropriated exercise yet nothing was done to the minister in charge? Nobody till today was held accountable?It's just incredible really when you think about it.The
minister even came out publicly to say he was not going to apologise cos those who died were to blame!!! This would never happen in a sane country or a country where the government was functioning.
Yet some people will say this man is a hero because he conceded an election which he had clearly lost,because he didn't stay past his expiry date and go to court or cry fraud,he is a hero.We really are a messed up bunch.Well,not all of us anyway,only those who refuse to see past their noses.
This latest action of the EFCC arresting the minister and others will not bring back the dead,but it will avenge their death and maybe serve as a deterrent to future looters and fools who want to go down the same route.I hope it also consoles their families.

Back to the story itself now...
Yesterday the EFCC arrested Abba Moro, over the Nigerian Immigration recruitment scam in which no fewer than 20 job seekers died. Also arrested were former Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Anaesthesia Nwaobia, and a deputy director who allegedly facilitated the scam.
They will be arraigned on a 12-count charge in the Federal High Court Abuja today. Some of the charges against them include obtaining by false pretence, procurement offences, corrupt practices and money laundering.
At least 9 job seekers died on March 15, 2014 at the Abuja National Stadium while scrambling to secure seats for the recruitment test into the Nigerian Immigration Service. In Port Harcourt, Rivers State, 4 applicants died from the stampede while 12 others sustained injuries.
After the tragedy, several Nigerians demanded the resignation or dismissal of Moro and the Comptroller-General of Immigration, David Parradang, as well as their criminal prosecution for involuntary homicide. They were accused of putting in place a sham recruitment process that enabled the interior ministry to extort at least N520m in compulsory levy imposed on applicants, but nothing happened. 
Speaking on a Channels TV’s breakfast programme, Sunrise, on October 20, 2014, Mr. Moro made it clear he would not resign, saying he would rather stay put in office to clear the mess caused by the incidence.

“The point at which we are now is not about resignation. That time has gone,” Mr. Morro said in response to a question over why he refused to quit.
“At the time (people were calling for his resignation), I think emotions were very high. I was in the eye of a storm.
“At that time, a lot of options were on the table… The issue is do you resign or do you stay to sort out the problem that have been created?
“I decided that staying and mopping up the mess caused by the lack of proper implementation of our plans is better. That’s the point we are now.”
The minister said Nigerians should consider the tragedy as an accident which he too did not plan for or envisage.
If found guilty,i hope he rots in jail.

The Federal Government today 23rd Feb filed an 11 count charge against former Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, and three others before the Federal High Court, Abuja. The charges marked FHC/ABJ/CR/42/2016, were filed by the EFCC on behalf of the Federal government.

The charges include money laundering, obtaining money under false pretext from prospective job applicants during the last Immigration recruitment exercise.
Those joined in the suit as defendants are the ministry’s ex-Permanent Secretary, Anastasia M. Daniel-Nwaobia, F. A. Aleyebami and Drexel Global Technology Limited. 
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