WTF?? Nigeria Arsenal fans embark on Prayer 4 day fasting to defeat Barcelona

Nigerian fans fasting for Arsenal victory against barcelona

Nigeria Arsenal fans.
I don't know how far this story is true,but if it is,these must be the most stupid people in Nigeria!Can you really believe this?
According to a source in KadunaArsenal fans embarked on a four (4) days fasting and
prayers ahead of their champions league clash vs Barcelona.

The fasting was concluded yesterday with a powerful prayer session. The prayers was a plea to God for assistance during the Champions league match. 

The event had in attendance several passionate arsenal fan within the metropolis wearing the team kit. These people did not fast and pray for Nigeria to have stable electricity or for the Naira to appreciate.I don't see them fasting for the Super Eagles of Nigeria either,then this??? Like i said,i hope it is not true,i hope its a kind of prank.

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