Why Dbanj should leave Don Jazzy alone after the latest snub at Ben Bruce Murray Party.

Why Dbanj should leave Don Jazzy alone after the latest snub at Ben Bruce Murray Party.

I think it's time D'Banj accepts that Don Jazzy was his past and move on.I like both guys,but it is embarrassing how D'Banj seems so desperate to work with Don Jazzy his old partner.It is clear to the whole world watching that Don Jazzy is not keen ,so why not just leave him alone and stop embarrassing yourself?Really breaks my heart to see D'Banj like that.The reason why Jazzy has an upper hand is ,since their break up,he has discovered new stars such as Koredo Bello,Reekado Banks and the other lady which i forget her name.
Don Jazzy and the Mavin Crew his new company Mavin,have dominated the charts and had huge hits,while D'Banj has struggled to have a reputable hit since their break up.
If both men had been struggling,it would have been easier to come back together,cos they will realise the cold fact that they needed each other.But after the split,one party was doing great and the other not so great.Don Jazzy has nothing to gain by getting back with Dbanj,he is doing great,he has everything to lose,what if their project fails? 

So rather than take a chance,Don Jazzy is enjoying his newly found success.He is the main boss,gets the lion share of all money coming in and does not have to share it with Dbanj. D'Banj on the other hand,has everything to gain.No producer knows him like Jazzy does,he knows how to make him sound great,created his style for him and knows how to get the best out of him in the studio.
So, its natural and understandable why Dbanj must be thinking maybe his magic lays with Don Jazzy,as they undoubtedly had a chemistry.

But he has done his best to get the two back together ,and each time Don Jazzy has shown he is not interested or reluctantly indulged him.The latest episode at the Ben Murray Bruce birthday party was cringe worthy and an uncomfortable viewing for all D'Banj fans,Dbanj saying i am ready to work with him,i have told him so blah blah blah..while Don Jazzy was quiet and conveniently disappeared into the night...Pls i beg you D'Banj,no be by force,leave Don Jazzy alone and get on with your career..If Don Jazzy retires,won't you carry on with your career?It's gotten so bad that Olamide who ordinarily should be sitting quietly when these two greats talk,was now sending inuendos openly that he is not Dbanj whom Jazzy messed up his career,sad,really sad.

See the article below that gave an insight to what transpired at the Ben Murray Bruce party,that got all the publications reporting that Don Jazzy snubbed his old business partner and friend...

Don Jazzy and D'Banj beef.
The rivalry battle between two old friends and music stars, D’Banj and Don Jazzy seems yet to abate as evidently shown Friday night at the 60th birthday celebration of Senator Ben Murray Bruce, showbiz mogul turned politician.

Our correspondent gathered that foremost producer and Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy was at Eko Hotels & Suites venue of the birthday bash along with his erstwhile bosom friend, D’Banj and birthday celebrant, Murray Bruce, a Senator representing Bayelsa East.
D’Banj, midway into his performance, had paused to invite Bruce on stage and told everyone of the Silverbird Group founder’s birthday request that the one-time buddies and business partners (Don Jazzy and D’Banj) should honour him (Bruce) by reuniting to make one more song.
The Kokomaster said he sees the possibility of working with Don Jazzy again once his friend is ready.
“Consider this request done sir. I am ready. Once Don Jazzy provides me with the beat, I am ready to lay on song on the beat,” D’Banj said.
Right there a little drama ensued.
Don Jazzy was invited to join them on stage but the prolific hitmaker tactfully declined the persistent calls, even from Senator Murray Bruce. He was later discovered to have left the party.
This set tongues wagging that Don Jazzy deliberately sneaked out to avoid performing with D’Banj and not willing to settle their rift.
This assumption gained fillip after the Kokomaster hinted that he had actually asked Don Jazzy back stage earlier to kindly join him on stage during his own performance.
Don Jazzy reportedly snubbed D'Banj at Ben Murray Bruce birthday party.
But as the news that he deliberately snubbed D’Banj got to him, followed by the flurry of Twitter message from some fans who bombarded him with questions about why he had to sneak out of the venue, Don Jazzy immediately took to his Twitter timeline to explain reasons for his action.
Don Jazzy said he had left the venue long before D’Banj mounted the stage and already declined performing with other artistes at the same event.
His tweets: “Haba na whats going on pls?…I already announced that I am taking a break from being an artiste. Hence why I didn’t perform ‘Surulere’ with Dr Sid and ‘Concur’ with Timaya…
“My team also performed tonight na guys. I didn’t show up. I am not an artiste, I take GOD beg una… Moreover I had left the venue way before Dbanj’s performance though.”
The Mavin Records boss further added that contrary to those insinuations that he was avoid making up with his erstwhile friend, he said himself and D’Banj have performed together three times in the last one year.
“But now I’m on a break oooo,” he ended his tweets.
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