P Square Split-Peter Okoye says he has a problem with brother Jude


P Square split?
If truth be told,i am surprised P Square are still going.I really thought they would not survive the last break up they had.But i guess blood being thicker than water helped keep the 3 brothers together.Well,it seems that blood is being constantly diluted with water,and you know when that happens,the blood does not stay as thick as it used to be.
Following weeks apart,lack of new music or a video,Paul Okoye signing anew artist and Peter traveling the world as he delves into football management, many have said the
famous twin duo known as P Square have parted ways..
Peter Okoye reacted to the rumours this evening.Though he did not directly confirm a split, he says he has an issue with the management (i.e, their elder brother and manager ,Jude Okoye)..

They survived a split in 2014 after the same issues with his manager and brother  who didn't attend his traditional wedding....There have been rumours, Peter Okoye feels left out of decision making regarding the group .Paul once insinuated he writes most of their songs in tweets he posted in early 2015.
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