Sir Paul McCartney incredibly turned away from Tyga Party at club(Video)

Sir Paul McCartney incredibly turned away from Tyga Party at club(Video)

Sir pail McCartney denied entry to Tyga party

This must be the biggest shock of all times! Are these bouncers crazyyyyy? They just refused Sir Paul McCartney entry into the club!!! But then again,what the hell is Paul Mc Cartney doing trying to enter a party hosted by Tyga? Who the F is Tyga when you are talking about arguably one of the most influential artists of all times?That's like Messi being turned
back from a Jamie Vardy party!
This isn''t cool at all! I hope one of Tyga's reps get an apology,hey hold on,what i'm i talking about? Not Tyga's rep.I hope Tyga himself gets to Paul McCartney and  apologize profusely.This is baaaaaad.
So,on Monday night, the Beatles legend  was turned away from an after-party hosted by Tyga .
Footage from TMZ shows the 73-year-old ,his wife Nancy ,joined by singer Beck and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins as he tried to party at the Argyle in Hollywood.
But  security weren't having any of it as the group knocked on the door, with Paul heard saying: "How VIP do we gotta get?"
The music legend managed to take it all in good humour, joking to his pals:

"We need another hit".
According to reports, after a second failed attempt the trio headed to Hyde for the Republic Records party.

Another video shows the 26-year-old Tyga and fellow rapper Bow Wow being told about Paul's unsuccessful visit.While Tyga seemed unfazed by the news, despite calling the star a "legend", Bow Wow and his mates said:

 'Wait. The Paul McCartney came to Argyle... and they wouldn't let him in? You've got to be lying.'"Maybe it's because we're younger than Paul. It's a new generation and we really club when we go out."
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